Thursday, April 16, 2015

2014 Ghost Hill Pinot Noir Blanc!

I just tasted the 2014 Ghost Hill Pinot Noir Blanc and I am stunned. This is the best yet for this winery and they have been producing award winning wines since the very beginning.
This wine has fresh cut pear with high notes of cinnamon and honeysuckle in the nose. HUGE smell!
In the mouth you get a soft feel, very pleasant and smooth with no acid bite. Think of the smell of baked pear with hints of clove and nutmeg, now taste it. That is where this one took me. Even opened for an hour it still wafted its wonderful smell throughout the kitchen. Lovely wine!
The winemaker: Rebecca Pittock-Shouldis departed from her full time career in aviation as a maintenance technician on the F-15 Fighter Aircraft for the Oregon Air National Guard to pursue her passion for wine in July of 2005. Today she has a busy and fulfilling life as TSgt “Weekend Warrior,” Mom of two beautiful kids and of course winemaker for Ghost Hill Cellars. If you can pin her down she loves to talk about not only the wines she currently produces and those of her clients and friends, but also the wines from all over the world that have impacted her life in so many ways.

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