Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harvest Time at Ghost Hill

My wife Linda and I made the trip north to Ghost Hill Vineyard to help process the '09 grapes on Sunday. 7:00 am found us sorting grapes with Botrytis out and tossing them before they made it into the winery. There were hot air balloons rising in the west, over the Bayliss' fields, and the sunlight was beautiful as it swept over the vineyards. The pickers were well on their way to done when we left and headed for the winery to get set up and have the vats cleaned and the de-stemmer running. We weighed all four varieties of the grapes that were on the truck and tried to get close to even amounts in each vat. The scale got so hot in the afternoon that it started to weigh itself in at 120-140 pounds!
We worked all day and buy 5:30 Rebecca sealed the last vaat and we started clean up.

Can't wait to tast it as it comes along!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Food and Wine in Portland Mag

Take a look at this very nice article in Edible Portland and see what is in David Adelsheim's fridge. It is on page 20.
Adelsheim Vineyard donated for this years auction and hope they will also give us One Bottle for next year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tasting Maysara's 2005 Delara Pinot Noir

I opened one of the "One Bottle" auction bottles that Linda and I purchased in April at our Oregon Mozart Players auction, and I must say, I am well pleased.
Let me clarify how I ended up buying two cases of the wine I had driven all over the state of Oregon to collect from all the wonderful donors. I was in the Tux up front with Bob Sogge and watching the auctioneer trying to get the bid up over $400 per case when out of the corner of my eye I spotted one of the most rabid bidders...my wife. So I not only was afforded the great pleasure of meeting the wine people and tasting the product at the wineries, I also got to bring some home, and raise $900 for our Players.
The wine is the 2005 Maysara Delara Pinot Noir. Superb! Soft fruit nose opening to a chocolate and clove back. Lush chocolate, black cherry, and a little more chocolate. The mouth feel is smooth and filing with a little tooth. Should be great in another 3-5 years. Love it.
Kind of sad I opened it now...but not THAT sad.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A nice article on some of our favorite Oregon Wines

Thanks to Rebecca at Northwest Wines To You for this article. She posted it on Face Book.

An oenophile's guide to 50 of our best regional wines, including 20 deals under $20

*Keep in mind that this is just the writer's opinion and may not be mine or yours. You have to go taste them for yourself.

A lot of these wines were given to us for the last auction and I already have some of them for next years April 9th Auction!