Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Little Golf Never Hurt...

Today I scored my first 9 holes for two from Oakway Golf Course here in Eugene. One of the items in the April Auction will be "9 at 9"; Nine holes for two at 9 courses around Oregon. Oakway was first because that is where, three years ago, I swung my first club. I barley broke 100...one 9 holes.
We are also offering "18 at 18" so I will keep you posted on progress with both wines and golf.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Little Taste

Our friend Andrew, who is a director for the Eugene Opera, is staying with us for a few days, and tonight, after his fund raising event, we settled in for some deep and meaningful gossip. We shared a bottle of the Brandborg 07 Riesling. Oh My! Semisweet in the front with a nice acid and tart after taste. Very glad I bought a couple of bottles! Linda and I drank the Rose' yesterday after she got home. We sat on our deck and sipped the Rose and ate cheese and fresh Blueberries from the bushes. Ah, life is good, and so is Oregon wine!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Elkton Just for Fun...and Wine

Today I returned a few pieces to an artist in Roseburg and I meant to make it a fast trip, then I saw the Elkton sign.
Last auction I never made it to Elkton and therefore, never ask for One Bottle from any of the wonderful wineries hidden half way to the coast. I got there just before eleven and stopped by the local deli/restaurant Tomaselli's Pastry Mill and Cafe. I ordered a sandwich and was very pleased and surprised to find that they had NO COKE or PEPSI products, only VERY good natural sodas, and of course, wine. I enjoyed a visit with the owner, Marty, and after I finished my meal I crossed the street to Brandborg Winery where I was treated to a full tasting of their many wines. All were very drinkable but the 07 Riesling , the 07 Gewürztraminer were out of this world! Both got 90+ in Wine Enthusiast. Sue was a very gracious host and promised "One Bottle" for the project. It was in the 90's so I will wait to pick up their offering until I have my cooler in the car.
While I was tasting a couple of women walked in and said that they were working on a "special project" that sounded very intriguing. I told them they were more than welcome to us
e my blog and it's many meager entries in any way they felt appropriate. I met Sherry and her friend (taster) again at the next stop, River's Edge Winery.
Michael Landt offered me tastes of the current vintages and I was more that a little impressed by both the wine AND the pr
ices! I think the 07 Barrel Select Pinot Noir was my favorite. Though "thinner" than the 06 or 05, it had a very front of the mouth pepper, Bing cherry, and annis that finished with soft fruit and a very nice mouth feel. All the wines were good but I was blown away by the Dulcet Cuvee'. This one you have to come and taste. "The 2006 Dulcet Cuvee' has a delightful tobacco scent in the bouquet, candied cherry flavor, and surprisingly smooth finish for a wine with 16.4% alcohol." to Quote from their web page.
He also promised a bottle, the 2007 Barrel Select Pinot Noir.
I was running late so I missed a stop at Bradley Vineyards but will see them next time.
I had to get to Henry Estate and drop of art so I took 138 toward Sutherlin. Nice drive on a summer's day! At Henry Estate I met a nice young couple and their dog, who was determined to get inside to visit the local boss(pictured here).
The Wine was great, as usual, and I did a quick taste of the Pinot Gris, peachy and aromatic, and the 06 Pinot Noir,lots of sweet fruit and ripe black cherry with a hint of mint and earth Both are worth a second taste and I will be back to walk through the wonderfully inviting front door. They promised another bottle for the auction on April 9th.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Auction set for April 9th

I was informed by Gina Ing that our auction date for 2010 has been set and now I can start gathering wines for the big event. I plan to gather at least 200 bottles this year and with any luck a few more.
The first bottle came from 720 and is the 2005 Croft Vineyard Pinot Noir. I have had it and it is very complex and assertive, fruity and also has a nice "dirt" taste.
In the next week I plan to go back and visit Corvallis and see what else I can bring back. I missed a few there last time, including the 720 so I am off to a good start.