Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Nice Surprises

This evening I grilled a couple of small tri-tip I picked up and some sliced yam coated with oil and I put aside some rice we had last night with some chopped veggies. As I looked in the cellar for something to match up with the rich flavors of the grass fed beef, the sweetness of the yam, and the mild flavors of the rice and veggies I saw a bottle of '09 LaVelle Syrah. This is one of the mildest and gentlest Syrahs I have and thought it would work perfectly. I was right. The soft mouth feel, the character of the grape, grown in Washington, and the airy aroma all came to fit the meal perfectly. This wine is, for my money, one of the superior Syrahs available for food pairing. It lacks the harsh notes one gets from some of the hotter climate grapes down south but still has the strength needed to hold its own against food. Very good wine.
Next taste , just for fun, was a real find. I had put this one down in '08 and forgot about it. I have been going around to the small grocery stores out in the country and picking up as many '07s as I can find, usually for a discount. Amazing year! When I pulled out a red label from the rack and looked at it I was shocked! '07 RR River Ridge!!!
I could no wait to taste! Chocolate on the nose with coffee and a soft fruit compote with black fruit and over ripe strawberry.
First taste: This is a classic Oregon Pinot Noir! Perfect balance. Sweet berry followed by rich layers of spice and chocolate. Lovely! And only $69 at the winery!