Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MarshAnne Landing Winery has Chamber Music Amici in Concert

We hope you can join us for a unique evening of music!
MarshAnne Landing Winery
Is proud to present
Chamber Music Amici in Concert
7:00 PM Tuesday May 20th
Chamber Music Amici, one of the Northwest’s premier chamber ensembles, will be joined by an all-star team of guest performers for a fabulous evening of music at MarshAnne Landing WineryYou do not want to miss this concert if you love chamber music!
http://www.guyfew.com/gallery/images/hogan-005.jpghttp://richmondago.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/JuliaBrown.jpgAlexandre Dossinhttp://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608031287486712933&w=212&h=177&c=7&rs=1&pid=1.7http://tylerabbottmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/abbott-copy.jpg
Canadian trumpeter Guy Few is considered as one of the most brilliant brass players of his generation.  Brazilian Julia Brown, one of the top organists in the world, will perform on harpsichord and harmonium where she is considered a virtuoso.  Cellist Jed Barahal from Portugal performs throughout Europe and the US and has wowed audiences at MarshAnne Landing on two prior occasions.  Brazilian born pianist Alexandre Dossin (UO School of Music) skills are considered extraordinary and phenomenal.  Oregon native bass player Tyler Abbott (UO School of Music) is an orchestral and jazz bassist regionally and nationally.  This all-star team will join Chamber Music Amici core musicians Pilar Bradshaw and Sharon Schuman on violin and Holland Phillips on viola.

The program will feature:      Baldassare’s    Piccolo Trumpet Concerto in F
                                                Persichetti’s    Hollow Men with Guy Few reading TS Eliot’s poem
                                                Dvorak’s          Bagatelles for Two Violins, Cello and Harmonium
                                                Saint-Saens      Septet for Trumpet, Piano and Strings

Due to limited seating, advanced reservations are required (541-459-7998).   Admission $30 includes abundant appetizers.  Guests should plan on arriving by 6:30 for sampling wine, food, and visiting with other guests.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wine and Friendship

Rebecca Shouldis and Thibaud Mandet
For many years I have enjoyed Oregon wines from all over the state and have been in over 250 tasting rooms. Meeting wine lovers in all walks of life and in all corners of Oregon has given me a great deal of pleasure and I have made some wonderful and lasting friendships.

 I am going to start asking wine lovers what wines they most enjoy and for their most romantic experience evolving tasting great wines. Did they meet their love? Did they find a friend? 
Vonnie & Mike Landt
If you have a story to share please send it to rcanaga@gmail.com

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Money in a Bottle

During my show at the Coos Art Museum (April 18-June 28) this jar will be in a glass box below the painting. At the end of the show, someone will break the jar. It will be put up on YouTube and they get what is inside the jar. $$$ . Tickets for a chance to break the jar are $5 and are available from the museum. You can enter and have someone break it for you and you get to keep what is inside.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Break a Jar for Coos Art Museum

Please spread the word. The recent destruction of the Ai Weiwei vase prompted this. Since I was going to have this jar broken at the bottom of the painting anyway as part of the artwork, why not make it more interesting


During the show (April 18th through June 28th) we will have a drawing to find out who gets to come pick up the jar from under the painting and drop it. Money will be donated to the Coos Art Museum and the act will be posted on YouTube. $5.00 per ticket. You could be infamous.
Date of breaking will be announced.
Please share. You can also enter from afar and we will have someone drop it, saying "in the name of-------- we break this jar" or whatever clever thing you want said. Send your entry to "Break this Jar" c/o CAM, 235 Anderson Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420.
We will write your name on the entry form. Enter as many times as you wish. Good luck.


Sunday April 6th 3:00 PM
chamber music promo photo April 2014
Beethoven's "Ghost" Piano Trio
Gliere's Duets for violin and cello
Deak's "Wager at the El Dorado Saloon"
Come enjoy an exciting performance by Chamber Music Amici, the resident chamber ensemble at the Wildish Theater in Springfield Oregon. CMA is one of the premiere chamber groups in the Pacific NW. Featured artists include pianist Victor Steinhardt, cellist Steven Pologe and violinist Kathryn Lucktenberg.
The epic "Ghost" trio is alleged to evoke the ghost of Hamlet's father while others suggest that it conjures up the images of ghosts and witches in Macbeth. The "Wager..."includes wild moments that call for the musicians to make sounds of a sled stuck in ice and dogs straining to free it. All in all, the program will delight all in attendance. We hope you can be there!!!
Reservations are required (541-459-7998).  Admission $30 includes abundant appetizers. 175 Hogan Rd, Oakland, OR, just 3 miles off I-5 Exit 142.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

TRANSPORTED: Paintings by Robert Canaga at Coos Art Museum

February 13, 2013                                 
"Passage" 36x48 oil and wax on canvas
                                  Executive Director
                                                                                                Coos Art Museum
For Immediate Release                                                           Contact: Steven Broocks

TRANSPORTED: Paintings by Robert Canaga at Coos Art Museum

Coos Bay, OR - Coos Art Museum presents TRANSPORTED, a solo show of mixed media paintings, combining raw pigments, oil and wax by Oregon-based artist Robert Canaga, April 18 through June 28, 2014. The opening reception is Friday April 18 from 5 to 7pm and coincides with the opening of Expressions West 2014 the Museum’s Western states painting competition for which Canaga served as juror.

In TRANSPORTED, painter Robert Canaga explores images of the vessel as both object and symbol. The thematic forms bring to mind containers or sailing vessels from antiquity, familiar contours repeated throughout history. Boldly colored and textured in Canaga’s signature style, the series evokes a sense of solidity and purpose with its simple, satisfying shapes.
"Shadow" 60x30 oil and wax and acrylic on panel
“These paintings are based on the idea of transport from one place to another,” says Canaga, whose work is influenced by the artist’s two near-death experiences. TRANSPORTED’s metaphorical reference to the body-as-vessel, carrying the soul, cannot be overlooked. The paintings do not convey fragility; quite the opposite, they vibrate with celebration of their own place in the universe. “I’m more whole at 64 than I was at 24, more held together, in a sense,” continues Canaga. “I’ve escaped amazing circumstances, but remained solid.”

Even the smaller paintings seem larger than their dimensions. Their energy radiates outward with the artist’s confident orchestration of color and composition.  Canaga describes himself as a color purist. He elaborates, “I carry precise colors in my mind’s eye. The windows of my studio do not reveal the surrounding landscape, because I deliberately decided not to be influenced by the external Pacific Northwest palette. I’m fascinated by color frequencies and how those frequencies relate to each other.”
"Blue Bowl" 36x36 oil and wax on canvas

Coos Art Museum director, Steven Brooks, comments, ”We are very pleased to have one of the areas most active and innovative artistic leaders exhibiting at the Museum. We are also pleased that Robert Canaga has agreed to jury Expressions West 2014 a painting competition that exposes the Oregon Coast to the art of thirteen western states.”
"Moon Jar" 36x36 oil and wax on canvas
About the Artist:
Robert Canaga was born in Oregon and makes his home in Eugene. He is known as one of the state’s most experimental printmakers, and currently focuses on abstract painting in oil, raw pigments and wax. His involvement in the arts community spans decades. He is curator at The Gallery at the Watershed in Eugene, past President of the Board for Oregon Mozart Players and former curator at Opus 6IX Gallery. His work is collected nationally. Canaga is also owner of Robert Canaga Galleries in Portland and Eugene. More information about the artist can be found by visiting his website at http://opus6ixgallery.blogspot.com/
"Celtic Bowl" 30x60 oil and wax on panel

About Coos Art Museum:
Coos Art Museum has been a cultural focal point of Oregon’s scenic Southern Coast since 1966. It occupies the historic 1936 Art Deco US Federal Building in downtown Coos Bay. The Museum offers a wide range of arts activities including exhibitions, art classes and lectures. Hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm, Tuesday through Friday and 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturday.  Museum admission: $5 general, $2 students, veterans and seniors, free to Museum members.
"Vessel: Jar #1" 5'x5' oil and wax on panel

Monday, January 20, 2014

Know Your Oregon Wines: Chenin blanc

Chenin blanc:  Chenin blanc is arguably the most versatile of all wine grape varieties. Crisp, dry table wines, light sparkling wines, long-lived, unctuous, nectar-like dessert wines, and even brandy are all produced in various areas of the wine world, all from Chenin blanc. This French varietal from Anjou and the Loire has two distinct characteristics: a high natural acidity and susceptibility to botrytis. Even in hot climates and with high yields, its high acidity delivers balanced , but neural varietals, which are commonly used in blends for everyday, mass-market wines.
Some of the best Chenin Blanc in Oregon is grown in the  Rogue Valley by Ledger David Cellars. The tasting room is in Central Point ans is a must stop destination for a number of reasons; Rogue Creamery is on one side and Lillie Belle Farms Chocolates is on the other!
I like this wine for Summer on the deck and often add a lime twist just to make the purists crazy.

Know Your Oregon Grapes: Baco Noir

Baco Noir is a French-American hybrid is a hybrid red wine grape variety produced from a cross of Vitis vinifera var. Folle blanche, a French wine grape, and an unknown variety of Vitis riparia indigenous to North America.
Baco Noir’s origins go back to 1894 when French grape breeder François Baco crossed Folle Blanche with an unknown member of the New World’s Vitis Riparia family. The intention was to create phylloxera-resistant vines that retained their French character. At one time Baco Noir was grown in Burgundy and the Loire, but it was gradually ushered out of the Old World and has since become one of North America’s more successful hybrids.

Not highly regarded among most Oregon wine makers I have spoken to but Girardet Winery in the Umpqua Valley has been pretty consistently good at producing a tasty deep red and rich wine. It stands up to duck and gamey meats but it also is one of my favorite for pairing with dishes made with wild rice.

In cool climates it has a light to medium body, good acidity. Baco Noir is a grower-friendly alternative to Pinot Noir. It does not express the distinctive foxy aromas and flavors of other Vitis Riparia varieties known as River Bank Grape or Frost Grape, but instead shows rich fruit tones, typified by blueberry and plum. In hotter climates such as the Umpqua Valley the wine is richer and more intense.
Another winery that makes a solid Baco Noir is Chateau Lorane, where Linda and I were married. 100 people went through a LOT of Baco Noir
Here is a good story about Baco written by Matt Kramer for the Oregonian:
As some readers have noticed, this column now appears every other week. But the wines --and wine values --keep coming. So let's dive into the deals with no further ado.
Baco Noir "Southern Oregon" 2007, Girardet Wine Cellars: For decades one of Oregon's consistently best red wines has not been its vaunted pinot noir, but rather, the unsung French hybrid called baco noir. Never heard of baco noir? You're in good company, as most folks haven't, either --wine geeks included.
The short story is that in the 1880s the American root louse called phylloxera devastated all of Europe's vineyards. The native European grape vine, Vitis vinifera, had no inborn resistance to this sap-sucking louse --which slowly killed the vines. American grapevines, however, did have an inborn resistance.
Growers everywhere in Europe, nowhere more so than in France, were desperate to find or create vines that could resist phylloxera. For decades, starting in the 1880s, researchers experimented with crossing varieties of Vitis vinifera with various American grape varieties. One of these researchers was Francois Baco (1865-1947), a son of winegrowers who lived in the town of Belus, near the famous Armagnac zone in southwest France.
Although Baco's day job was a schoolteacher, his passion was grapevines. For decades he laboriously tried numerous crossings of Vitis vinifera varieties with American species. In 1902, Baco released just such a hybrid, a red grape originally called Baco 1 that today is known as baco noir. It was a cross between a local white grape known as folle blanche (the grape used for the brandies made in the Cognac and Armagnac districts) and an unknown American red variety.
Eventually, the French decided to spurn these hybrids, preferring instead to simply graft American rootstocks onto their own European varieties. But baco noir made such a tasty red wine, and was so unusually resistant to very cold winter weather, that Baco's creation now is planted in the Midwest and the East (where cold winters are a problem) as well as in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Know Your Oregon Grapes: Dolcetto

Dolcetto: A well known grape variety widely grown in Italy's Piedmont region. While the name translates to 'little sweet one', it is nearly always dry wine. Dolcetto is usually made into fast maturing, fruity and robust dark red wine with faintly bitter flavor. It tends to have a dark, rich color with a fruity nose - usually blackberry and blueberry. Sweet rust red wine that needs lots of time before release. Most wineries hold them back for 2 to 3 years before letting them be sold.
Among the Vineyards that grow Dolcetto are Delfino, Ponzi , Remy, Stag Hollow, Zerba, and Abacela.
I am still researching who else grows this grape here in Oregon.
Thanks to Oregon Wines.com for the great source.

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