Monday, May 30, 2011

My Birthday!

We left the house early and made our way to our favorite little garden secret, Egan's Nursury just off the freeway near Brooks exit. We discovered it a few years ago thinking it was a little roadside stand. Wow! Were we wrong. It is a long way out of town and they do supply quite a few local nurseries, (and we DO shop here at home mostly) but their selection of annuals is out of this world.
We then walked through the Schreiner's  Iris gardens, the ones you see from the freeway. Stunning!
We went to Siverton for a snack and found Pudding River doing tastes at their tasting room down town so we stopped for a quick sample.
I surprised myself when I told the host where the grapes for the '09 Syrah were from. She accused me of cheating, but really, there are few choices, so I picked Seven Hills and was right! This is a rather soft a subtle Syrah with nice notes of dark berry and bits of chocolate but no soil and smake, almost like a cool climate Syrah. Very good, and not much left.
I also liked the '08 Pinot reserve. Rich and round with no bad notes and it is not the big bomb of fruit so many are. Worth trying!
Off to a stop I had not made before, Silver Falls Vineyards. A few years ago I was a bit put off by a guy selling this wine in Salem and have not bothered to visit or to try their wines since. My mistake. They were rich, interesting, very flavorful, and worth a long visit.
I was struck by the Port made from Marachel Fouch. It smelled of fresh Gingerbread! Really smooth taste and a soft pleasent finish.
We took home one of the Pinot Gris from the 35 year old vineyard. Very good with lots of minerals and a fresh hybiscus nose.
I would have been there much longer exploring but I have learned to temper my enthusiasm while I have my wife with me, that is why I still have my wife with me;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Compleating a Shea "Six Pack"

I just drove out to Broadley Vineyads in a horrid downpour (ah Spring!) and picked up the final piece of a wonderful auction item. This will be the first wine item on the docket and should do well.

Dick and Deirdre Shea traded Wall Street for winemaking
Wine Spectator, December 31, 2008

It's easy to imagine Dick Shea, co-owner of Shea Vineyards with his wife, Deirdre, at his former career on Wall Street. He's clean-shaven, with jeans and work shirt as pressed as any business suit. When rocks from the gravel driveway get kicked onto the cement crush pad, Shea nudges them back into place.

Wanting things just so has served Dick, 61, and Deirdre, 55, quite well, as has their business sense. Shea Vineyard, located in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA of Willamette Valley, is arguably the best-known grape source in Oregon, supplying Pinot Noir for many of the state's top producers, including Beaux Frères, Bergström and Ken Wright Cellars. The 200-acre property contains 140 acres of vines, of which 135 are Pinot and 5 are Chardonnay. Since the 2004 vintage, Wine Spectator has reviewed 37 Pinot Noirs whose labels indicate that they were made with Shea grapes; 28 of them received 90 points or more on its 100-point scale.

Read more here 

It is easy to see why three bottles of wine from his vineyard brought $900 in our first auction and the line up we have here is pretty impressive:
2008 Pinot Noir Shea Vineyard
The 2008 , a classic representation of the famed Shea Vineyard. Scored 94 points in the Wine Advocate and 92 points in the Wine Spectator.
Bergström Wines believes in working with only Oregon's greatest vineyard sites that are consistently in the upper echelon of terroir, farming practices and wine quality, and we believe that the Shea Vineyard is one of these sites. We have invested in long-term agreements with Dick Shea for 10% of the entire Shea Vineyard to be harvested and vinified at Bergström and bottled under our label. This enormous investment into this great vineyard site ensures that we are capturing the true essence of the Shea Vineyard every year and consistently providing you with the best bottlings from this vineyard year after year.
This vintage started out cool and remained cool throughout the year. In fact, we had one of the coldest winters and the latest spring snowfall in Oregon's recorded history. We were well behind entering September and concerned that we would ever get enough heat to bring the fruit to physiological ripeness.
      After the sixth of October the mild wet pattern we had been experiencing broke and gave way to over 20 straight days of clear warm weather. Fall colors were the most vivid any of us have seen in Oregon. The prolonged dry spell gave all of our sites the opportunity to ripen slowly and evenly. 2008 has natural levels of acidity comparable to 1999 and like that vintage should age effortlessly.

 Ripe and full-bodied, this wine exudes both comfort and sophistication. Indulgent yet refined, starting with its bouquet, with aromas of plum, blackberry, anise, leather and vanilla. Followed by rich, spiced flavors, such as blackberry, black cherry, cocoa, orange peel, black pepper, currant, and earth. As always, the Shea drank beautifully in its youth, but has now had time to mature in the bottle and as anyone will tell you, if you have an '07 Pinot Noir from Oregon ,drink ONE and save the rest. It is excellent now but will get even better!
92 points from Wine Advocate- "The 2008 Pinot Noir Estate contains fruit from all of the vineyard blocks and clones on the property. Dark ruby red, it displays an inviting bouquet of smoke, spice box, rose petal, incense, black cherry, and black raspberry. This leads to an intense, layered, spicy wine with enough structure to evolve for 2-3 years, excellent volume, and a lengthy, fruit-filled finish. It will provide prime drinking from 2012 to 2020." Wine Advocate # 191 Oct 2010 (Jay Miller) 91 points from Wine Spectator Insider: "Bright and jazzy, delivering its cherry and raspberry fruit with a swipe of licorice and pepper, lingering nicely on the lively finish. Drink now through 2016." (June 30, 2010) This Pinot is made from grapes carefully selected from throughout Shea Vineyard. It is already quite accessable and showing layers of flavor normally not revealed until this great estate's wines have another full year of bottle age.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grass Pants and Long Sleaved Shirts

This was my only trip south this year and I hope I made the best of it. I know I missed some wineries that were expecting me to come begging but there is always next year.*
On the way to Ashland and Jacksonville I stopped for a promised bottle of wine from.Abacela. When I got to the winery, located on the edge of Winston, I had to walk the last few yards up to the old tasting room. There were construction crews and others everywhere, working on the new building and getting the lot ready for a touch up. This year they donated on of my favorites out of their line up. The Abacela: '07 Tempranillo Estate 
from grapes first planted in the early 1990's Earl and his wife Hilda. They were the pioneers in the production of Tempranillo in America. Now Tempranillo is grown all over but these vines are established and deep, pulling up strength and body with their deep root. This is a really fine wine and we are proud to have a bottle from such an influential producer.
I plan on taking Linda down there on my birthday to do a little tasting and buying. The trip from Eugene to Bandon and back, stopping at wineries along the way, is a great way to spend a Sunday.
My next stop was a newer addition to the wineries in the area, Pyrenees Vineyard and Cellars.
I tasted a few of the wines and was impressed by both the whites and the reds. The Pinot Gris was my pick for the whites, with hints of apple and tropical fruits and a long fresh finish.
The reds made it  harder to choose a favorite but I think I would have to choose the Zin. Cool climate Zin seems to retain more of the bright cherry nose and the pepper and dark spice without being to big and smokey. Like this one a lot.

I left my smiling hostess and headed toward Grants Pass for lunch at a surprise find, 'The Vine" restaurant. I had stopped at a local store for my protein fix but needed more so on my way out I spotted the sign and peered in. It was almost 1:00 and the place was slammed! I found a seat at the bar and looked over their wines. Lots of locals! Always a sign they are connected to the community. The steak I had came with FRESH, HOT veggies and was one of the best I have had all year! Blown away, I ask Glen Hendriks, the owner, what the hell a great restaurant was doing in a parking lot mall in Grass Pants!??? He said that his wife and he had been in the business for about 25 years and wanted their own space, knew how to please customers, and wanted to give it a shot. Wow! I LOVE this place!
They have a gluten free option menu and feature vegetarian foods along with trad. I loved the place and will be back. They are at 1610 Allen Creek Road, Suite111 heading out to Cave Junction, just before you leave civilization or what passes for it in Grass Pants...
Now off to the Applegate Valley where I made my first stop. Devitt Winery is run by Jim Devitt, owner and winemaker. Granted, he is not as pretty as most of the last two hosts, but I always enjoy stopping for a visit with Jim. He has been making wine and creating wine related products, like his Auto-Topper for a very long time. You kind of have to be a wine geek to get what this is for and how cool it is, but it is cool. Jim gave us a bottle of his 05 Cab Franc, a Silver medal winner in the World of Wine tasting, this wine has a bold tannin structure with up-front fruit, full bodied, dry, fruity with a lingering finish and great mouthfeel. Goes well with red meats, wild game, cheese and chocolate.
If you visit him, bring a pig. A pig ANYTHING. When you get there you will see why! Make sure you taste the variety of Cab Francs he has. There are some real winners in there!
Next stop was at Longsword. They used to have a little wine stand out by the road that Linda and I always got a kick out of. Now they have a beautiful tasting room with a view of the vineyards and the same very, very old friendly dog. 
They make a remarkable Accolade Sparkling Chardonnay that is a huge hit every time we serve it. It is not over sweet and has just the right sparkle. “The Wedding Wine” was originally made celebrate the wedding of the owner’s son, Accolade is all fun. A mouthful of fruit with a hint of sweetness and just enough effervescence to tickle your tongue, this sparkling wine pairs with spicy foods as well as wedding cake!
Next stop, Fiasco!
There is so much to say about these folks that I feel I need a separate posting just for them! So be it. But for now I can say they are among the most entertaining people I have met down here. 
After tasting through their wonderful wines I was given a bottle of the '07 Zinfandel. This is an intense and fragrant wine. You get notes of olive oil, dark rich cherry and jam plus a hint of dark chocolate in the nose, then a rush of plum and black cherry with hints of tobacco and cocoa in the mouth. Long complex and pleasant finish.
I said goodby and headed for Jacksonville for a glass of wine at South Stage Cellars and a visit with my friend Larry. I love talking wine with him as he knows as much or more than anyone I have met. There was a crowd and the music was lively so I grabbed a bottle of their best, an '08 Syrah (as yet unreleased) that Larry donated, finished my glass, and drove to the hotel. I checked in to the Red Lion (God I wish they would fix up their hotel near downtown!) and walked over to 38 Central for some really great food. I sat at the bar and ask after my friend, the owner David Graham. He was out with a broken leg! Disappointed but still hungry, I ordered the muscles and a salad. I ask for a recommendation for a wine to pair with this simple meal and got  some wine  that (they say if you can't say something good, don't say anything at all...)

I have had bad wine, but this, this was an insult to Oregon, the Willamette Valley, and Pinot Noir, and whoever did it should be ashamed of themselves!
I almost threw it at the bar tender but thought better of it as I knew he HAD to be messing with me.He redeemed himself with a glass of Linda Donovan's Chardonnay  .
I was intrigued by the wine and by his tales of this woman winemaker and her new building a few blocks away so I got as much info as I could and planned a visit in the morning.
Next day after the cut!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My good friend Thibaud Mandet who is the winemaker at Willakenzie Estate has hit it out of the park by getting FOUR of his wines in Wine Spectator New releases with scores of 90 for the ' 08 Emery Pinot Noir, 91 for the '08 Kiana Pinot Noir, 92 for the '08 Triple Black Slopes, and 92 for the'08 Pierre Leon!
Great wine! Great winemaking!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Almost Done

As I sit here getting ready to tell you about the great wines and wonderful people that I had the pleasure to enjoy, I am torn by the notion that I did not work hard enough on the project this year, that I did not gather as many wines a last time, and that my energy level was not what it could have been. With the price of gas, my other commitments, and having to create and print editions of 25 of 16 images of the Lane County wineries for the Passport to Culture at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum in August, I realize I did work pretty hard.
That aside, back to wine!
My first stop was at Anne Amie for a taste and to pick up a bottle of '08 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir $35. This is a stand out wine, a nose bold with warm fruits and hints of ceder and sage followed by coffee and chocolate over dark cherry. Great mouthfeel and a finish of  hard candy and spice. I really like this wine and would love to pair it with warm fall foods like roasted chicken with vegetables.
Also, the tasting room is worth the trip. What a beautifully appointed place!
I drove out 240 to the Adelshiem sign, then on to Bergstrom Vineyards to pick up a real prize. I am collecting bottles of wine soursed from the Shea vineyards and this one makes number 4. They gave us an  '09 Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir.
 Shea Vineyard is middle of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA,and is known for its sandy soil and beds of Sandstone and Shale. The grapes that come from Shea produce some of the boldest and richest wines around and this one is no exception.
Kate, who is shown here, was entertaining a couple from Sedona Arizona who had retired to the deck for a little bit of almost warm sun. I went next door to drop off a custom label I had made for Paul de Lancellotti then stopped at Adelshiem for a bottle of the remarkable '09 Caitlin’s Reserve Chardonnay.
The folks at  this winery have always been so kind and giving! Lida and I have a tasting for 8 waiting to be used that we bought at a Holt auction last year. Any takers?

While I was there I met Paul Mui and his wife. He is the hospitality director for Oliver Winery in Bloomington Indiana. Who know they had wine there? Just kidding, they have been doing it since '72. I may have to go visit.
Next stop was ADEA where Dean looked around till he found the perfect wine, a Magnum of an extraordinary wine: Pinot Noir Ann Sigrid. This '05 is among the top Pinot Noirs released and is a keeper. Magnums age longer and allow the complexity of the wines to shine. '05 was an amazing year for Pinot Noir here in Oregon so this one should bring enough to pay a musician for at least two sessions!
Outside of Gaston, up on top of the hills, sits Kramer Vineyards, where Trudy and her crew have been making some of the best wines in Oregon since 1983.
They Gave a bottle of '07 Dijon Chardonnay and one of the '07 Pinot Noir boxed with a hat and a certificate for a free tasting. Great package! I visited the dog and got happy tail wag. His long time friend (see them here) passed away and I think he misses running in the vineyards with him. 
On the way back to Carlton I stopped at Shea Vineyards for a visit with Drew Voit and to pick up a prized bottle of Dick Shea's wine, a '08 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. His vineyards are among the most well known and special places to grow grapes here in Oregon. 
Shea Vineyard named one of five Pinot Noir vineyards in the U.S. meriting the designation "Grand Cru".
Wine Enthusiast
This makes the 5th bottle in my Shea collection and I will pick up the last one next week.
Drew surprised me with a bottle of his own wine, Harper Voit Strandline Pinot Noir soon to be famous, as it is featured in Vertical, the new book about Oregon Pinot Noir.
I stopped at Horseradish for a little nosh and a sip and saw a great article about the winemakers own wines and Drew was in it. Read it here. He is top right.

Almost done for this trip. Only two more stops and of to home I go.
Peter Rosback has been making wines here in Oregon for a long time and has become somewhat iconic. He is a sharing, gentle soul who shares his winemaking knowledge, writes, and travels. For him it is all about the wine.If you Google his name you will get pages of revues, articles by him, about him, and about his many Sineann wines. He also makes wines for other wineries such as the Pines, and Trium. This year he gave us a case of his amazing . 07 Resonance Vineyard Bio-dynamic Pinot Noir. This wine will be divided up in different lots and in the "wall of wine" so keep your eyes open at the auction.
Last stop for the day was Youngberg Hill. Located west of McMinnville high up in the hills, it is surrounded by vineyards and has a beautiful view of the valley. The hotel is one of the finest around with just the right rooms for a long weekend in wine country!
Jess Davis, the assistant winemaker, lead me though a tasting of all the fine wines and  my favorites were the Jordan Block '08 Pinot Noir and the '07 Jordan Block Pinot Noir. I talked him in to giving the '07.This '07 is coming on strong and a few years in bottle has led to amazing tastes. I am glad I bought so much '07 from various places!
If you get the chance (they fill up fast) go up and spend a day or two and enjoy the view, the people, and the wonderful wines.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day Three, All Wright

Today, after driving home last night to some much needed time with the cats and my bed, Linda and I got up early and drove to Port;and for the annual Ceramics Showcase at the Convention Center. Great show this year, and though we only bought a couple of small works, we took lots of cards and have our eyes on a few prize pieces.
We then journied back to Carlton for the annual Ken Wright hosted Holt International party at his winery.
Every year Ken supports Holt at their huge auction in Portland and offerd a very nice afternoon to those who want to join in.
This year was filled with music and wine, great foods, and my favorite part, Ken's lecture on wine. He speaks of soil, minerals, microbes, and all the complexities of growing grapes. Well worth the money and the drive. I learn more every time I hear him talk.
While there I ask if he would be willing to part with a bottle of '08 Ken Wright Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir. This wine is sold out and you will not find any except at our auction. He said yes, so that makes 5 Shea Vineyard bottles we have so far and I am trying to get one from Broadly Winery. That will be a very nice auction package.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yamhill-Carlton Event

Every year there is a gathering of the wine makers in the Carlton-Yamhill region. They get together and let everyone come and taste the wonderful and diverse product of their labors. This year the tasting was held at Anne Amie Winery and it was perfect. Lots of room for everyone, lots of parking space and the Carlton Trolly to get all 500+ people there, and a great group of volunteers to make sure it all went smothly.
I saw a lot of familiar faces and wineries such as Ghost Hill, Alexana, Ken Wright, Dick Shea, Drew of Vertical fame (his wine, Harper Voit Strandline Pinot Noir, is in the book), and lots more wonderful folks.
Stewart and Athena were there from Boedecker Cellars. They have a tasting room in Portland that you HAVE to visit. And while you are there taste some of John's GC Cellars wine.
I only picked up one bottle there, the Dennison Cellars '09 Kiff Vineyard Pinot Noir from Tim and Denise Wilson.
A remarkable wine with lots of chocolate, flower petal, lavender, black cherry, and marionberry dancing around in your mouth. Tim Wilson has  made wine at some of the best wineries and is now out on his own. Very exciting and a wine to watch.
After tasting most of the morning I headed out to visit with Pam at Daedalus and to pick up her donation of a bottle of '08 Maresh Vineyard Pinot Noir .
The wine is from the fifth oldest vineyard in Oregon and has intense and rich layers of flavors that can only be tasted once and once again, and again as they change and develop in your mouth. Keep this one in mind for that special dinner of wild salmon.
One last stop at Orchard Heights near Salem for a donation of Orchard Heights Winery: '07 Pinot Noir and Orchard Heights Winery: Merlot.
If you have never been to Orchard Heights you are in for a treat. The food is great, the store is packed full of wine, food, and fun, and they do event dinners there also.
Home after a long day and back to Carlton in the morning for Holt International's party at Ken Wright Cellars.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three Days of Wine: Day One, Part two

After leaving Walnut City Wineworks I Drove up through Lafayette to Stoller Vineyards for a visit with Grace Cargni, Director of Events,
and to pick up a very special bottle of wine, the '06 Cathy's Reserve. This is one of the finest Pinot Noirs around and has been pleasing pallets since it was released in 2008. It won Gold in the 2010 Oregon Wine Awards for Pinot Noir over $35 and it is well deserved. In the bottle for 4 years, it is coming close to being perfect. It started out as a well structured and rich wine made from Pommard Clone that comes from the oldest, and therefore deepest rooted block they have. Planted in 1995 in Jory soil, the vines have reached down in to the sweet spot, as they say, and are producing spectacular juice.This wine will be sold in the silent auction in a special wooded holder.
Another thing that sets them apart is their dedication to Solar Energy. They have a full array of cells on their buildings and it have lowered their operation costs considerably. They were the first LEED certified winery in Oregon.
One last stop before the tasting rooms closed for the day. I had a few choices and traffic was starting to get tight so I stopped in at Argyle for a treat, and to ask for a bottle again this year. Last year and the year before they gave a bottle of one of my favorite bubbly wines, the Black Brute. This is a bold wine made from Pinot Noir grapes with lots of character and strength. It pairs with Summer Salads and salmon, and really, just about anything you want. I highly recommend this wine.
I was out of auction forms so I called the office and had them fax up the paperwork.
Cathy in the tasting room called Cathy in the office and they decided I warranted another bottle this year, but this time I was given a bottle of a still wine they are very proud of, the '08 Nuthouse Pinot Noir. No, it is not named for some insane asylum, but rather the hazelnut plant where the winery now operates.
The taste of the Nuthouse Pinot Noir is rich and smooth with hints of wood and spice. Dark fruits play over the mouth and finish with a soft, long wisp of cane berry and plum. Over  the past few years this wine, in different vintages, has scored in the 90's consistently and this one will be no exception.
I tasted through all the wines while I was waiting. The Nuthouse Chardonnay is the most amazing one ever! It takes on the taste of hazelnuts to such an extent that I thought it was an added flavor! Sooo good! The 2000 Extended Triage Brute was there to taste though they are sold out. This wine got a '95 From Wine Spectator and is NOT what you mix with orange juice! Wow!
I met a lovely family, the Merrells from Cincinnati, Ohio. Spence and Audry were visiting their daughter Heather, who is in school at George Fox. They had a full weekend planned and were having a great time in the tasting room. I love seeing people from all over the country enjoy Oregon wines! As you can see, the father was dress appropriately.
I ended the day with a wonderful meal at Biggio Hamina's tasting room where I had a wilted cabbage salad with bacon and rolled flank stack stuffed with arugula paired with, first, the '10 Melon, then the '10 "Fourteen" Pinot Noir. You HAVE to go and try this place out! See my first revue here.
Next stop, Yamhill Carlton tasting at Anne Amie.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three Days of Wine: Day One, Part One

Thursday I decided to attend the Astoria Wine festival but after looking at who was going to be there, I realized that only two of the wineries had not donated a bottle. So, a nice drive up the valley and a very quiet night at a friend house ste me up for a full day of gathering around Yamhill County.
First stop , after a Starbucks, was Stone Wolf . Stone Wolf is located just off Highway 99 on North Lafayette Ave. If you are looking for wineries in McMinnville, this is your route. I caught Jessica as she was leaving for an errand and she was nice enough to take some time to taste and to visit with Frank. He was glad to see me and head-butted my black sweater, adding a layer of gray cat hair to my left shoulder.
 I tasted the donated wine, '05 Lindsey Cabernet Sauvignon ,an unusually bright and very tasty wine from Del Rio fruit. '05 was a hot year with fire and lots of smoke. A lot of the '05's were big and bold with an almost overwhelming fruit taste with a hint of acrid smoke and big earth. This one has mellowed and is very drinkable now and will get even better in a few years. get a few bottles while you can and visit with Jessica and Frank while you are there.
Jessica told me about the wines and the winery. Her husband Matt is the winemaker and an '08 graduate of the Chemeketa winemaking program. The whole place is very much a family and the wines are usually sold out quickly. They have the highest elevation vineyards in the Willamette Valley at 1100 feet in the coast range outside McMinnville and grow Pinot Noir grapes planted in 1985. The elevation produces small harvests of intense fruit and their wines are usually sold out quickly. I said my thank yous and petted Frank before I left and drove down to Third Street where I waited for R.Stuart @ Co.Wine Bar to open. There are a number of cute shops, galleries, and very nice restaurants located in the Historic Downtown, along with wine shops galore. I stopped in a visited  the co-op galleries next door, Currents Gallery, where they were having a show of art made with recycled items. Worth a stop when you are down there. Nice artwork and very nice artists.
Rebekah greeted me and found my paperwork. She handed over a bottle of the '08 Autograph Pinot Noir, a result of a blend of many grapes from all over the valley, from Courting Hill, Winderlea, Ana, Weber, Temperance Hill, Elkhorn, and Daffodil Hill. This is a wine that needs a little time to pen and when it does, your get fresh grass and minerals with warm spices in the nose, then chocolate and cherry with a smooth mouthfeel. If you go in to the bar any night, you will see the majority of regulars sipping this wine.McMenamins Hotel Oregon is across the street so I went in for a burger sans bun and fries. I have been on a diet (262lb to 244lb as of today) so I have been avoiding starchy foods and the burger was PERFECT! I am getting hungry thinking about it.
Panther Creek Cellars is not far away so I stopped in to pick up a bottle of  '07 Panther Creek Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir.
From their notes:
Ripe and full-bodied, this wine exudes both comfort and sophistication. Indulgent yet refined, starting with its bouquet, with aromas of plum, blackberry, anise, leather and vanilla. Followed by rich, spiced flavors, such as blackberry, black cherry, cocoa, orange peel, black pepper, currant, and earth. As always, the Shea drinks beautifully in its youth, but deserves time to mature in the bottle. 
Keep in mind that these note were made in '08. Now this wine has become even more interesting and vivid!
I think this will be a great addition to the auction as it will be added to all the other Shea Vineyard wines for a truly exciting collection. 
What people are discovering is that the ALL '07 Pinot Noir is coming out of the bottle now as an eligant wine that is being sought after by those in the know. Get them while you can. They have been i the bottle long enough to have developed a truly wonderful structure and all the nuances are showing.
Love this wine! 
 Jim and Molly, a father daughter team, were being helped through the selection of wines by Jackie while I was there. It is always exciting to see people from other places enjoying Oregon wines!
Next stop was one of my favorite places to visit. Of couse for the wines, but mostly to visit with Jennifer, and as luck would have it, I came to visit on her last day in the tasting room after 7 years. She is staying in the wine industry but exploring other areas of sales. I will miss seeing her lovely face and glowing smile.
She gave me a bottle of the Walnut City Wineworks:'07 Pinot Noir Reserve Willamette Valley and a bottle of Bernard Machado: '05 Pinot Noir. 
Both are excellent wines and are almost gone. The tasting room is in an old walnut processing plant on NW Evens and 17th. It is rather nondescript on the outside but it houses some great wines. Worth a stop anytime you are in town.
More to come.