Saturday, August 30, 2014

"A La Main by Rebecca Pittock Shouldis at Market of Choice

Today is a VERY special day in Eugene and it has nothing to do with the Ducks opening game!

  Rebecca will be pouring her very own wine for the very first time in Eugene!! Come taste A La Main Syrah and Viognier today from 2-4pm at the Delta Oaks Market of Choice!! Also available for tasting will be the 2012 Gypsy Dancer Legacy Pinot Noir.

The talented artist, Robert Canaga, who did my beautiful labels will be around as well to sign bottles!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alexander Schwarzkopf Performs at MarshAnne Landing Winery
Alexander Schwarzkopf
Bach- Goldberg Variations
MarshAnne Landing Winery
Sunday September 21, 3:00 PM

The "Goldberg" Variations is often regarded as the most serious and ambitious composition ever written for harpsichord. Based on a single ground bass theme, the variations display not only Bach's exceptional knowledge of diverse styles of music of the day but also his exquisite performing techniques.  The work has long been regarded as the most important set of variations composed in the Baroque era.
Alex, is a pianist, composer, and teacher from Colorado, but now resides in Eugene Oregon where he received his Doctorate in piano performance from the University of Oregon.  Alex is engaged as concert pianist performing domestically as well as in international festivals in Germany and Italy. 
We hope you can come indulge yourself in a rare, fascinatingly beautiful afternoon of piano music that shows off the virtuoso technique required of this seldom performed piece.
Admission $30 includes abundant appetizers.  Due to limited seating advanced reservations are required (541-459-7998).
MarshAnne Landing Winery, 175 Hogan Rd, Oakland OR 97462, just 3 miles off I-5 Exit 142.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Napa Earthquake

The Napa Sonoma area was devistated by a 6.o quake and the wine industry is reeling. Here are some links to news and photos about the aftermath. 
DR. Vino's wine blog
ABC local
Spillage in Napa Sonoma
Cleanup at wineries

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ghost Hill Does it Again

Great Northwest Wine reviews, Ghost Hill:
 Rebecca Pittock-Shouldis’ selection of five barrels from the four clones planted on the estate — Pommard, Wadenswil, 777 and 114 — shows the maturity and powerful side of the Bayliss-Bower Vineyard along Savannah Ridge. The barrel program of 20% new French oak (one of the five barrels was new) allows for aromas of black cherry, peach, pipe tobacco, mint and crushed walnut. What follows are flavors of dried cherry, dried cranberry and dried strawberry with pie cherry acidity and sturdy tannins. Enjoy with Duck Confit, roasts and hearty stews.
Rating: Recommended
Production: 120 cases
Alcohol: 13.5%
Winery website

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Clive Pursehouse's Article about Gypsy Danacer

Here is a recent article on Gypsy Dancer that is well worth reading:
Gary Andrus was, from what I've read, a giant of the American wine scene. I never had the chance to meet him. In 1978 he founded Napa Valley's Pine Ridge Vineyards, and then in 1993 he founded one of the biggest names in the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, particularly as the Valley developed it's reputation, in Archery Summit. Gary gained a reputation for focus, concentration and pushing the boundaries to see what was possible. He died of health complications in 2009.

Andrus was a Willamette Valley pioneer pushing the region on it's professionalism. Advocating for the region's quality and boldly establishing price points that reflected the quality of the wine being produced there.  Gary focused on clone selection and was a big proponent of whole cluster fermentation and the use of sometimes ample new oak. His wines at Archery Summit were known for being bold, extracted and with structure that was built to age. Read the rest here

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MarshAnne Landing presents Colin Ross

Colin Ross , a great jazz blues performer, singer song writer with deep American roots will be joined by Bryan Jenkins, percussionist extraordinaire, in a rollicking evening of blues and boogie, liquid 12 string guitar, greasy Delta slide, virtuosic free style piano technique, and wry lyrics!.
We hope you and your friends can come enjoy this jammer create with ease and joy another one-of-a-kind down home evening of entertainment!!!  The performance will take place out on the deck at MarshAnne Landing with great views of the vineyard and valleys afar. 
Abundant appetizers (complimentary), tables and chairs set close to the performer, and estate wines from MarshAnne Landing will add to your evening’s enjoyment.
Due to limited seating, reservations are required.  Admission $25  includes appetizers.
MarshAnne Landing 541-459-7998: 175 Hogan Rd, Oakland OR 97462, just off I-5 exit 142.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A La Main Wines Released

Update! The wines are now in Eugene: Sundance has both, Market of Choice on Willamette has the Syrah in the Various Reds section on the right side of the far left isle, Oregon Electric Station has the Viognier, and Market of Choice Delta Oaks is having a Friday tasting of Keeler Pinot Gris and Chardonnay on Friday followed by a tasting led by Rebecca Pittock Shouldis of the A La Main and Gypsy Dancer on Saturday.
"A La Main", the new label from Rebecca Pittock Shouldis, has made it to the shelves. In Eugene it is in stock at Sundance and Route5 and will be at Market of Choice Delta Oaks next week.I made the label image by taking a photo of her kid's hands with the Syrah being poured through them in to the barrel, the made an etching. The label was made by CCL Label.
The wines are a cool climate Syrah from '10 and an Applegate Valley Viognier from '11. Both are just spectacular!

Monday, August 11, 2014




Saturday August 16th, 7:30 PM

Please join us for an impressive fun filled evening of beautiful singing, ensembles and drama when artists from Eugene Opera Artist Mentor Program bring their voices to the elegant setting found at MarshAnne Landing Winery. The talents of new and returning singers will change our stage into an evening of magic. The program will include works by Mozart, Menotti, Donizetti, and others.


Due to limited seating, advanced reservations are required.
Admission $30 includes abundant appetizers

MarshAnne Landing: 541-459-7998
175 Hogan Rd, Oakland OR, 97462

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tamara Belgard's Story About Wine Labels in 1859 Magazine

Rebecca Pittock-Shouldis | Ghost Hill Cellars, á La Main Wines

This wine has been released and is on shelves up Portland way and will be in Eugene soon at Market of Choice Delta Oaks and at Sundance.
As is the case with many winemakers I’ve interviewed, Rebecca Pittock-Shouldis describes her entrance into the world of winemaking as “serendipitous.” She also phrased it as “a crazy series of events.” Her career life began as an Oregon National Guard Aviation Technician. How she came to make wines of grace and beauty is a whole different story. Pittock-Shouldis is able to utilize many of the skills that made her a great aviation technician in her winemaking—such as reverse engineering and the ability to learn from experience. But it’s in winemaking that she seems to have honed her artistic skills. “Wine is a catalyst. It creates a spark that creates the memories and experiences of our lives. Wine seems to tie it all together,” she says. In wine she found her passion. Making wines that become an integral part of people’s lives is what she most enjoys about what she does.
Pittock-Shouldis still serves in the Guard once a month. She’s also a mother of two and is busy creating her own brand, á La Main Wines (translation: To be done by hand), a selection of Rhône-style wines that will launch later this spring. Pittock-Shouldis has also been on a quest to revive the old Gypsy Dancer wines, a brand that disappeared after the untimely death of the Gypsy Dancer winemaker Gary Andrus. This revival is more of a stretch for Pittock-Shouldis—not only her own personality into the wines, but to create a different style of wine, like Andrus would have made.

Though Pittock-Shouldis loves Pinot noir (and in my humble opinion, her Ghost Hill Cellars Pinots are some of the best in the Willamette Valley), what truly inspires her are Rhône-style wines, including syrah and viognier—wines she’s now making with fruit from Dukes Family Vineyard. The new á La Main label showcases a piece of art by Robert Canaga featuring her two childrens’ hands with grape juice flowing between them. One look at her label and it’s easy to appreciate not only the strength, but the passion, dedication, love and allure.

Read the whole article here.