Friday, January 27, 2012

From My Friend Jerry at Wineopolis

Hi Everybody,

Please disregard that big bright thing in the sky. It's supposed to be there. The solar flare that's being reported today, isn't even aimed at us. Also disregard the unusually high river, since it will overrun the east bank before it gets us. That's why Corvallis is still here and Orleans isn't.

Both of the featured wines for our free Saturday tasting are from the Marche, the Italian region on the Adriatic coast, east of Umbria. The white wine is one of our (and yours, apparently) favorite bang for the buck all-rounders, the Fattoria Laila Verdicchio. Yes, we tasted this last October, but now we have a new 2010 version, and the 2010 vintage strikes again. Only $9.75, the lowest price we've ever asked for this wine. Yes, the exchange rate is starting to improve with these recent arrivals.

The red wine signals the return of a marque that some of you may remember from five years ago, when they were direct imported by Portland importer, Greg Zancanella. Saladini Pilastri, one of the finest estates of the Marche, then decided to go with Leonardo Locascio's Winebow, a national importer specializing in Italian wines. Apparently, that didn't work out as expected, because they are back with Zancanella Importing, and are back on the shelf at WINEOPOLIS. Saladini Pilastri's 2007 Montetinello is a montepulciano and sangiovese version of Rosso Piceno, the regions most dominate red DOC, or Denominzione Di Controllata. This is a quintessentially italianate mouthful of intense plum, blackberry, herb, earth, and spice with a hint of licorice as well. That all totals up to just plain savory, a wine that just begs for all the usual suspects of non-fish foods. Only $12.95, a very special introductory price.

So, disregard all dangers, and come by, it will be good to see you.