Friday, March 9, 2012

From My Friend at Wineopolis

Hi Everybody,
Looking out the window as I write this, it's hard to believe that rain is in the forecast. I was thinking about writing about some of the rose' that we have left from 2010, but that may be jumping the gun. Especially if it turns sodden for a week. Maybe I'll just wait for the 2011s to start arriving, and go for it then. It was nice and clear last night as I looked for some form of the northern lights, but the plasma storm the sun sent us the last couple of days wasn't as strong as predicted. It would have been nice to see a real show, but I guess it's just as well we didn't have problems with electronic communications that might have ensued. Not that I was personally worried, since I line all of my hats with aluminum foil (shiny side out), and that little precaution has proven effective on many occasions.
Since a little cloud cover should provide a little extra protection, you'll have to pop around for some wine tasting. Our free Saturday tasting will visit northern Italy, and feature the Veneto tomorrow. Since I'm expecting the 2011s to start rolling in soon, I thought that we might take one last look at the 2010 Cecilia Beretta Soave Classico. The Classico designation puts this Soave's origin in the old pre-expansion (and best) hilly portion of the vineyards of Soave. Where all the best garganega is grown. This balanced and elegant expression of flowery apple, apricot, and almond, massively outperforms its normal price of $10.75, but at its new (to make way for 2011?) price of $9.75, well, you know what I mean.
The red wine is a new vintage of an old favorite. But what a new vintage! The new 2010 version of Vaona's Valpolicella reminds me of the great 2007, but maybe a touch fresher and brighter. In fact, with that proviso, I'll repeat what I said about the 2009. "The medium weight, balanced and graceful, Vaona 2009 Valpolicella Classico is back. Slightly sour red and black cherry on both the nose and palette, earthy, with a nice herbal edge, this blend of corvina, corvinone, rondinella and molinara from the Veneto, is incredibly versatile with food. Only $12.75. Another direct imported small family owned bargain." Except for the slightly fresher and brighter part, the only other thing I need to change is the price. You will save half a buck from last time, only $12.25.
So, come on by, it will be good to see you.

Friday, March 2, 2012

2011 Pinot Gris by LaVelle

I just stopped in to pick up our bottles of Pinot Gris from LaVelle's 5th Street location, next to the new Inn at the 5th. The wines this year will be amazing across all the varieties, especially Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir and this one is a fine exsample of what to expect.
The wine is lush and has a citrus and tropical fruit nose and a dry, very pleasent mouth feel.
But the thing that I liked most was the complexity that it is showing only a few weeks after bottling! By the end of the year this will be absolutly dramatic!
Here are some notes about this wine from Mathew LaVelle, the wine maker.