Friday, May 8, 2009

Lots of Little News

Well, where to begin...Linda and I bought two cases of the "all Pinot Noir" cases at the auction and we have been having fun opening a few for dinner and for friends. We opened 2006 Thomas Wine Dukes Family last night and had to decant it and let it open up for a while. I am by nature an impatient man but the wait was well worth it. I had a big stak and a plate of various veggies with humus. The wine held its own and then some!
We saved a glass each and had it this evening before a concert. WOW.
The wine was made by R. Gary Andrus in his last year of active wine making.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Project Begins Anew!

Well, because the wine gathering was so sucsessfull and so much fun to do, I decided to do it again and to start early.
Whybra vineyard is first this time of the "new" wineries. One of Linda's friends invited us to take part in a corking party last week and they said they would give a bottle of their Pinot Noir. I got to cork about 240 bottles!
Most, if not all, of the wineries who gave last time will give again and I will keep you posted on their wines and the tastings we do.
I look forward to an exciting new year!