Friday, May 1, 2015

Enroll in the University of Pinot

Afternoon Seminars for IPNC Full Weekend Guests
Our guests consistently ask for a wide variety of informative seminars and tastings. We are pleased to offer eight different afternoon classes to choose from at the 2015 IPNC. Courses are held concurrently, and Full Weekend IPNC guests will enroll in their top choice from the seminar options. For full seminar descriptions, please visit our University Course Guide. After reviewing your options, enroll here. Enrolling soon will secure your place in your top class choice. The eight seminars include:

VITICULTURE 300: Does Vine Age Matter?
A unique chance to compare and contrast wines made from vines of varying ages, presented by four of Oregon’s most highly acclaimed winemakers. Moderated by Allen Meadows of
PINOT NOIR 101: Sensory Evaluation
Join New York sommeliers Thomas Pastuszak of The NoMad and Rajeed Vaidya of DANIEL for an informal and interactive “tasting group.”

STUDY ABROAD: The Nuances of Alto Adige
Experience this region through the eyes of the winemakers, and learn that when planted in just the right locations, Pinot noir can produce wine that is every bit as gorgeous as the place where it is grown.

HISTORY 125: New Zealand Wine Stories
Meet a lively group of New Zealand winemakers, and consider for yourself how their personal influences translate in the glass as you sample their wines and hear the stories behind them.

GASTRONOMY 210: Your Palate's Next Great Pleasure
Extra virgin olive oil is the ideal next great love for the wine aficionado. Be a part of this taste revolution, and discover techniques to discern differences among oils.

ALCHEMY 225: Classic Tea Blends Deconstructed
Explore timeless recipes of the tea industry by tasting final products as well as their individual components to appreciate what each brings to the blending equation.

APPLIED ART 315: Comparative Tasting with Georg Riedel
In this tutored tasting with Georg Riedel, tenth generation glassmaker, experiment with a selection of wines and glasses to learn how glassware impacts your ability to evaluate and appreciate Pinot noir.

COMMUNICATIONS 410: House of Cards
Test your communication skills in this light-hearted game led by sensory scientist Dr. Jordi Ballester and winemaker Matt Berson, in which you attempt to identify wines from anonymous descriptions written by others in the class.

Your choice of classes is included in your Full Weekend Ticket.

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