Friday, May 8, 2015

A Visit to the Left Coast

"Fault" 6'x4'
Tuesday I went up to Amity to visit Samuel Robert Winery where I will be showing my paintings June through September to take some measurements.  
"Systema Magicum" 4'x6'

On the way back down 99 I thought I would stop for a visit at Left Coast Cellars and have a sip of one of their fine wines.
I was very pleased at what they had open for tasting.
The first white I tried was a '13 Left Bank Pinot Blanc. I have not been a huge fan of Blanc but this one is superb. Honeysuckle and tropical fruits on the nose and  a soft, lush mouth feel. The taste ranges from hints of pineapple and honey to  grapefruit with hints of white pepper. Very nicely balanced and it retains hints of minerality. It was done in steel and finished on the leas. I highly recommend this one for pairing with sweetly spiced foods.
Next on the list was the '13 Unoaked Chardonnay, a beautifully realized wine with a perfect balance of clean taste and bright notes of apple and pear and a rich soft aftertaste. Really a great wine for sipping on the deck on a warm day. 
The last wine, a Orchard Reserve Pinot Gris from 2012, was a real plus: a concrete egg was used for fermentation and the taste reminded me of some of the German wines grown on the limestone hills. Crisp with hints of apple and high notes of stone fruit. I really like this one and recommend it to pair with spicy foods.

The reds were very interesting also. I have always loved their reds. 
The '11 Truffle Hill Pinot Noir is a good representation of what the '11s are if left down for a while. The wine has matured in to a smooth, soft berry filled treat. Hints of mint over blackberry and sweet candy. I still think you should keep your '11s down for a couple more years and this one is perfect for that. Nice tannin still evident but well balanced.
 Tasting an '04 is always a treat and also chancy. I have a few '04s that I open randomly and so far only one has disappointed. This one, a  '04 Suzanne's Reserve, is rich and tasty with lots of life in it. Very good but I still think it has time in the bottle. The tannin is abundant and because it is waxed, it should live a long and interesting life. If I had an occasion such as an anniversary in '24 I would get a few bottles of this to celebrate. 
Venturing in to the land of BIG reds after tasting Pinot Noir usually leaves me wanting, but not today! Cool climate Syrah is just so interesting and wonderful. Unlike the harsh product from the south, or the big bold wine from eastern Washington, this is complex, smooth, delicate and tasty. Small amounts of smoky, dusty aroma are followed by dark berry and spice. Long aftertaste leave a pleasant memory on the tongue. I love this wine.
I came home with some of the Pinot Blanc much to my wife's surprise and we will sip it on the deck with a nice evening snack.
If you have the luck to be in Oregon on highway 99 West, stop in and visit. They have food, bees, lots of wonderful wines, a beautiful winery, and very pleasant people,. They also use REAL Pinot Noir glasses for tasting!

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