Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wine Label Art

Two years ago, when I was storing the wines I gathered for he Mozart Players auction at the Trappist Abbey near Lafayette, Rebbecca Pittock Shouldis , who is the winemaker for Ghost Hill Cellars and helped create Northwest Wines  To You ( and is an F-15 jet mechanic and mother to two teenagers) ask me to make a label for a wine she had made with help of her two children. Of course I agreed and we set about making a time to shoot photos for me to work with. We took a few shots of hands and settled on a picture of the Syrah pouring through the hands of her kids in to the barrel. The name of the wine is "a la main" or Made Buy Hand.
After it was done the Abbot saw it and ask her if she thought I could make one for them and what I would charge.
I had been storing 300+ bottles of wine there for 3 years at no cost so I said I would do the label for twice what they charged me for storage: $0
The wines just came out through Northwest Wines To You.
The Viognier is delicate and aromatic with melon and gooseberry hints with mango and is just perfect by itself or with spicy foods. The Syrah is a northern Rhone style made  from cool climate grapes grown by the Dukes Family Vineyard. Eric Asimov says , about Rhone Syrah: “Olive, thyme, violet and sizzling bacon-scented glory,’’ I wrote, with full awareness that the words I choose to describe the aromas and flavors I sense in the wine are not only a possibly misguided effort to break a complete unit down to myriad components, but perhaps very different from what you experience in the wine."
Pretty much nails it.
I am so proud to have my art on their label that I have become insufferable I am sure. But how many people get to look at their artwork on a bottle of great wine!

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