Sunday, May 26, 2013

How Many Breweries in YOUR County?

Lane County has an abundance of beer to go along with all the wine grown here.
Up in Oakridge is Brewers Union 180,  Oregon's only Ale House and Brewery, and the do have the best ale I have ever had in the states.
Next stop would be Plank Town Brewing Company located in up and coming Downtown Springfield.
Also in Springfield Is Hop Valley Brewery north side of town in Gateway but they are opening a new production facility in the Whiteaker area of Eugene near other breweries and I do not know yet if they will still be brewing at the Gateway location.
Heading north on I-5 to Coburg then to 31115 W Crossroads Ln, Eugene find us at Agrarian Ales Brewing Company, the only brewery in the state that grows hops for production.
Back toward town you may be fooled by BJ's Brewhouse. They do brew beers (and pretty good ones) at BJ's, just not this one) so on we go in to Eugene and over the Ferry Street Bridge and take a right just past the bridge to 3rd street, past The Gallery at the Watershed and left to 4th and right to Pearl Street and left to Steelhead Brewery,   one of the first the in town some 20 years ago. Great food and a welcoming feel. Original home of Glen Hay Falconer until his untimely passing. It is a bit confusing that McKenzie Brewing Company is the bottled beer from Steelhead.
Down 5th Street all the way to Blair and a right turn takes us to beerville! Ninkasi is the first stop, with an inviting outside seating area and a different food cart right at the door every day. Go inside and try to choose among the many outstanding brews.
Over to 1st Ave. and turn right and we see the new tasting room and facility of Hop Valley then on to Madison where a right turn takes us over to 3rd and to the Oakshire Public House where they serve he great beers they make at the Brewery.
Near by, at 254 Lincoln Street is a blast from past, VERY past. Blue Dog Mead makes one of the oldest drinks known to humans. They do not have a tasting room but click on the link to learn more about their product and where to find it. And it IS worth finding.
Downtown Eugene hosts Rogue Ales Public House on Olive street between 8th and Broadway in the building that housed the Eugene City Brewery, founded in 1866. Great food, always a smile and some really good beers made on the spot and more from he Parent Brewery in Newport.
Now we take a ride over to the east side of town and visit Falling Sky Brewery at 1334 Oak Alley. Small place, warm heart. Much loved by the locals and the food is amazing!
Over a few blocks is an old standard, High Street Brewery and Cafe. Try the Terminator. I used to hang out there during school as it was close to my apartment and affordable.  There are two other McMenamins in town, one at 19th and Agate and one on the River near the Ferry Street Bridge but the are only tap rooms with food.
Now we head to Claim 52 down on West 11th . I have not been there but have heard good things so it is worth a stop on the way to Florence and a taste of some Central coast beers at Wakonda Brewing Company at 1725 Kingwood St #4.They are making great beer from what I read in the reviews so stop over and give hem a shot.
That about does it unless someone knows of another one or two.
!!! Brewery Alert!!!
As of last Friday, there is a new brewery in Lane County: Viking Braggot Co started by Danial McTavish and Addison Stern. Read about them in the RG. Here is the link.
This make 15 Breweries in Lane County.

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