Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lunch at King Estate

I went to King Estate for lunch with Linda Lawrence and her mom, Sandra Lawrence to celebrate our three May birthdays. Great food and I tried the '10 Pfeiffer Vineyard Pinot Noir (deep rich  strawberry jam, citrus notes, and a hint of anise and cola. Very tasty) while Linda had the '11 Signature Pinot Noir. She was very pleased with the depth of its character and aroma, and it paired very well with her pasta dish. Full of baked cherry and raspberry with hints of cola. I then treated myself to the '07 Signature...OH MAN!!! As are most '07s right now, this one absolutely rocks. a multitude of levels with a mature, elegant taste. The tannins have long chained and the mouth feel is perfect. Long beautiful finish. I was sad to see it go and almost ordered another glass but was driving...
The food was very good and the service was "just in time", my favorite. Our server looked as if she would be more at home on a runway, modeling. She was poised and obviously in charge. She performed like a seasoned restaurant professional and had a ready smile, was very helpful but never intrusive.
This was one of the best meals I have had there. Flank Stack over grits and veggies. Yum!
One note: The first '07 smelled of wet cardboard (corked) and they took it back quickly and brought me  the new beauty. Remember: Never, ever be afraid or intimidated if your wine does not smell right or taste right. Every good winery will replace it without blinking an eye!
Can't wait to go up again.

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