Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NEW in Eugene,The Cannery

Met with some relatives from other branches of the tree dating back to the 1700's last night and has a great time comparing histories.. Nice night, but the best part was discovering The Cannery! Though it has slightly more charm than the mess hall of your local gulag, an all black landscape, and little color, it DOES have great food! Admittedly I was put off by the starkness (they would do well to utilize a little local floral enhancement to break the noir de noir interior) but the food was a real surprise. I had one of, if not the BEST chicken sandwiches EVER! Everyone else was well pleased by the fare. I would make another small suggestion: tasting menu for the beers. Small glass tastes of say 5 of the beers of your choice. Great way to show off product and not lose money and time on individual tastes. Just a thought.
They have a 20 beer selection and lots of locals:Ninkasi, Oakshire, etc and they have HUB out of Portland. They also have a full bar and a Happy Hour till six.
Try it out and see what you think. We WILL be back!

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