Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Trip to the Opera Saved by the Food

We attended a poorly staged version of Don Giovanni ( you can read the opinions here) on Sunday and the only good thing I can say about it was the singing was very good even when layered over odd staging, odder timing, and questionable direction, and that we enjoyed our per-opera meal at Nel Centro. As I told friends "The opera was great except for the staging, the pacing, the timing, the director, the costumes, the humping (think poodle and leg) and the acting. The singing and the lighting were good." 
 We made our reservations using OpenTable just prior to arriving to make sure we would have a seat. As always, we enjoyed the quiet morning murmur of the dining room and the prompt and unobtrusive staff. We come up often for Opera and theater and this has become our "safe" place to dine. I had the rabbit confit with tiny lintels and a small salad dressed perfectly, while my wife had an omelet that she seamed to enjoy as there was nothing left and she was smiling. We both enjoyed a glass of Evesham Wood Pinot Noir ('09)that set perfectly with both our meals. On nights that we stay at Hotel Modera, the building they inhabit, we always try to make it back for a nightcap at the bar. The outside seating is perfect, with heating fires and hanging garden. They have expanded the inside seating and we are less often left standing and waiting for a place to sit. This is a very active restaurant and due to the location and the standard of food and drink, has become quite popular.We will be back for the food, but I fear this was our last Portland Opera.

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