Thursday, November 8, 2012

SALUD! Prints

Here is the etching I did of Maysara for the upcoming Salud! Auction. I did twelve this year.
here is the listing in the catalog: LOT 11
Robert Canaga has been a printmaker for 25 years. His
quest to print etchings directly on wood stems from

no reason other than the fact that it has never before
been done. When printing an edition of etchings of
the wineries of Lane County for an event at the Jordan
Schnitzer Museum last year, Robert found a product
that his friend Mark Golden of Golden Artist Colors
had given him to try years ago. He opened it, painted
some on a piece of one eighth inch birch plywood,
and let it dry. After inking up an etching plate he was
working on and setting the press to accommodate the
wood and the plate, he taped the plate to the wood,
and had his studio assistant hold it in place while he
turned the wheel on the press. The pressure had to
be immense so turning the wheel was no small feat of
strength. When it came out the other side, he gingerly
lifted the plate to reveal a PERFECT PRINT!
Etchings are done by exposing a copper or zinc plate to
acid which eats away at the unprotected areas, allowing
small amounts of ink to collect after the plate is wiped.
Paper is placed on the plate and run through a press at
high pressure, forcing it into the inked areas. When
the print is pulled, the images appear. This process can
be repeated many times, creating an edition. Using
a polymer plate on steel, exposing the image to UV
light, washing it with water, hardening it, and inking it,
Robert creates a print. After creating a series of paper
editions of the prints, he completes his final print on
wood and “cancels” the plate, as after being printed
on wood it is never able to hold another image. These
prints on wood are truly one of a kind.
These artist original, first edition prints are printed on
wood, gold leafed, and framed. Created exclusively for
Salud!, they depict scenery from the following wineries:
Amalie Robert Estate
Brooks Winery
Domaine Drouhin Oregon
R. Stuart & Co.
Erath Winery
Evening Land Vineyards
Maysara Winery
Penner-Ash Wine Cellars
Ponzi Vineyards
Scott Paul Wines
Soléna Estate
Witness Tree Vineyard
Donated by Robert Canaga

Next year I will choose twelve more wineries and do it again.

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