Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Please Ignore Problem, Trying to Fix It

One of my favorite wineries will open the door to the on site tasting room up at the vineyards. Iris Hill will be open Friday and Saturday for tastings and I highly recommend taking the drive. They are on the right as you drive out toward King Estate so if you have been out that way you have seen the "closed" sign.
The wines from this vineyard have been really good, with the '08 just bursting with flavor and character. I think they will be tasting the '11 Pinot Gris, the '11Tracktown Red, and the '08 Pinot Noir and the Pinot Noir Reserve.
The '08 Pinot Noir is just amazing! While many '08s were huge and bold, this one was gentle and a bit more quiet, so it has lasted.
I have tasted this wine each year from its release in '09. As it has developed in bottle, it has gained complexity and though it seemed to fall off a bit in '11, it has now (as of right now) recouped it strength and character, showing fine upper notes of spice and current and a hint of warm cedar and toast. The taste is tight at opening so let it relax for 30 minutes before you get too serious about tasting. I store at about 62 degrees so I always let the wine stand for a while before I drink it.
At 10 minutes: The aroma has softened and become more black current, island spices, and cedar. The taste? Delicate and a bit sweet on the tip of the tongue and a mouth filling softness. Slow cooked dark berry with nice current and just ripe cherry.
At 20 Minutes:Darker, richer notes of black fruit with island spice in the very high notes. The cedar has softened but still lingers.The taste has turned from bright to soft and warming winter spices and berry compote but still has a bright finish with little explosions of fruit. This such a good wine!
At 30 Minutes:The cedar is back on the nose and the spices have retreated a bit. Oh my, the taste has become very complex and is rife with berry, dark cherry, and cola. Wow!
Guess what we are having with dinner tonight?
After 45 minutes it has become nectar. Soft fruit with warm spice, hints of cedar and cola and a very slight cocoa linger . OK, back to painting!

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