Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Long Way From Michigan

Sarver Winery sits high up on the side of a hill overlooking the southern Willamette Valley and the Cascades. The view is nearly as good as the wine.
I was greeted by Baby, a wild beast, who's forelegs lifted off the ground when he barked. He kept looking back over his shoulder making sure I was following, and when I turned to get something out ofmy new Subaru he became VERY upset and had to start leading me all over again.
Erin Sarver was the host  at the tasting room today where I finally got to spend some quality time with their wines. My mission was two fold, I ask for, and was given a bottle of their fine, and very under-priced '08 Estate Pinot Noir, and I took a few pictures, one of which will become an etching to add to the growing collection of Lane County winery prints.
Erin poured a clean toned, steel aged '09 Pinot Gris that had a almost smoky nose, with hints of sugar and warm fruit. The taste was pear and green apple with a touch of hibiscus and minerals. Each taste brought forward a new twist.
Next was an '09 Pinot Gris from the estate  that was finished on the lees . Not oaky at all, just tropical, warm, and soft. Lots of passion fruit hidden among the green grapes and white fruits. Lovely finish.
The Pinot Noir, an '08 estate grown beauty, was remarkable. This is one of the most pleasing wines I have tasted this year. A nose of chocolate, coffee, and creme caramel. This gives way to tastes of plums and dried figs, laced with soft chocolate. The finish is long and there is no after bite at all. At $20 it is almost a sin! Great now but really nice in about 3-5 years.
The people in the tasting room laughed at my take on the '05 Cabernet Sauvignon but when you go and taste it, think of a hot, dry field of ripe watermelons, the vines drying in the sun, and smell that off sweet, dusty, almost over ripe odder. THAT is what came to mind when I stuck my nose in the glass! The taste is of prunes, dark berry, hints of dark chocolate and a faint hint of alfalfa. This is from Rouge Valley fruit and it has a lot of body, a nice finish, and will last for many more years.
erin poured an '08 Yakima Syrah that was  hot, with black fruit and bold forward taste, pleasant pepper finish, all in all a very good wine and the price is very reasonable $22.
The wine I liked least was a '07 Napa Petite Syrah. Green nose, green in the mouth, and a vegital finish. Erin says it is usually round and big fruited but she could not get this one to open. I will try it again.Don't know enough about it to comment farther but others in the tasting room seemed to like it so"each to his own".
The tasting room is roomy and they have a lovely patio overlooking the valley. they also serve a variety of foods such as old-world salamis, patés, and freshly baked baguettes.
Visit soon! You will not be disappointed. And check out their events.
Oh, and I got the tree that I will use in their etching. Watch this space;)

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