Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebration of the 2008 Oregon Vintage Dinner

My friend Jerry from Wineopolis sent me this message:
Less than a week to go until the Celebration of the 2008 Oregon Vintage Dinner. Or, as Rick refers to it; "The Vintage of the Century Dinner." It isn't hyperbole if it's true, right? I guess when we have a century of wine growing under our collective belts, that vintage of the century thing will have more zing. Just to refresh your memory, here is Rick's description again:
"OK, sorry for the hype (one of us used to work for wineries...), but we are not alone in being REALLY PLEASED with the 2008 vintage in the Willamette Valley, which is beginning to appear on our shelves now. It was quite probably the greatest vintage yet made for Willamette Valley pinot noir, and the other varietals did darned well also. We're going to devote the next dinner to this vintage, and pair a handful of great new pinots (and several whites) with a great menu prepared by chef Ko. Don't miss!"
Well now, did that re-whet your appetite? Actually, we don't need conjecture, as we have the (latest) final menu available.
Pan fried shrimp with toasted pecans and honey tangerine glaze.
Grilled asparagus with poached egg and pinot noir/bacon vinaigrette.
Ahi tuna au poire with sauteed greens and yukon gold mash.
5 spice beef tips braised in port wine/oyster sauce demi, served with pan fried noodles.
Passion fruit creme puffs.

Monday, 02/07/11 6:30 PM at Cloud 9 : The Vintage of the Century Dinner - $60 per person, all inclusive.

The sign up sheet for both events will be at WINEOPOLIS. All sign-ups require pre payment. Full refunds available up to two weeks in advance of an event, 50% refund until the night of the event if we're notified in advance, sorry, no refunds available without notification or on the day of the event.

And yes, we still have seating available. For now.

Wine Guy
151 NW Monroe
Suite 103
Corvallis, OR 97330

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