Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wine Spectator' List of Oregon Wines With Scores

This is Wine Spectator's alphabetical list of Oregon wines with the score included. Some surprises and some disagreements. Some of the wines need more time laying down and are now coming in to their own, such as Ghost Hill's '08 Pinot Noir, and Brandborg's Bench lands '08 Pinot Noir.
Wine Score Price
Chardonnay Oregon 2008 87 $14
Night & Day Southern Crossing Rogue Valley 2007 87 $15
Pinot Gris Oregon 2009 88 $12
Pinot Noir Oregon 2008 90 $20
Albariño Umpqua Valley 2009 88 $18
Tempranillo Southern Oregon 2008 87 $20
Pinot Gris Oregon 2009 87 $12
Pinot Noir Oregon 2009 88 $18 MORE

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