Wednesday, March 25, 2015

9 Rocks Vodka

Though wine is my focus most of the time I occasionally sip clear and not so clear spirits. The liquor store on Division in the Fred Meyer complex was having a tasting the other day and I was treated to a sip of a very fine Vodka, 9 Rocks
When people think about vodka most think it all tastes the same. Far from true. Each one has its own subtle difference depending on what it is made from, potato,corn, grain, or any ingredient with sugar and starch that can be effected by yeast.
From Vodka Facts
Vegetables or Grains - Although original vodka was made from potatoes, this versatile drink can be produced from virtually any fermentable ingredients that are filled with starch or sugar. The most popular source for fermentation is wheat, rye or corn.
Water - Water can have significant effect to the final flavor of vodka, especially if distiller decides not to make "neutral tasting" drink. Underground natural water is often filled with various minerals collected from the rocks and ground.
Malt meal - To enable transformation of starch into sugar, some grains and vegetables require presence of this ingredient.
Yeast - This very important ingredient is essential for the process of fermentation. It transforms present sugar into alcohol. This process can however create liquid with only 14% alcohol volume.
Flavor Additives - At the end of the production process, distiller can choose to put any number of flavor additives in his drink. Most popular flavors range from herbs, grasses, spices to fruit essences.
9 Rocks uses grain and they get water from a spring above Spray, Oregon. 
The flavor is really perfect and has none of the burn one might expect. Worth a try next time you are in the mood.

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