Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bottling at Omera

Turning 65 this month made me a little nervous about some of my abilities and stamina so when my friend Destiny Dudley ask, after my Studio assistant and I had missed Ghost Hill's bottling, if we would like to come help them the next Friday we said yes. Heather had never been around the industry and is a novice to great Oregon wines so we went for it. 
Destiny inspecting corks

Early Friday morning I picked her up from campus and we made it to Carlton Winemakers Studio at 9:00. Destiny put us to work, Heather putting the labels on the cases and me pulling filled bottles. 9:00 to 12:30 then 1:00 to 2:30. I stayed in the same spot pulling bottles the entire time. Sounds like hard work and boring but it is anything but. Fast, and at times a bit overwhelming; when you stop the wine does not, so keeping up is important.It also gives you a chance to clear your mind.

I had had shoulder surgery  14 weeks past and was still a bit sore so this was good therapy. We worked hard and were rewarded with a great meal at Barrel 47  in Carlton where the old bank used to be. I had my first Pelican Tsunami Stout and saw the largest  hamburger EVER and watched two of our companions EAT THEM!
We came home with two mixed cases of  four '12 Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir, four '12 Willamette Vally Pinot Noir, and four '12 Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir each. Hard work excellently rewarded.
Now waiting the 6 months (Willamette Vally) and 2 years (Eola-Amity Hills and Ribbon Ridge) will be the hard part. Good thing I have LOTS of great Oregon wines.
When you have the chance, please visit Carlton (This is a wonderfully done web site for visitors) and enjoy a taste both at Omero and at all the other fine wineries withing a short walk. Stop and by some Republic of Jam and eat at one of the many great spots. Great way to spend a day!

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