Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blackberry Wine and a Missing Tree

A few days ago I was ask by my studio assistant if she could have some of the Omera wine I am storing for her after our bottling adventure last month. I told her that it would be a waste of good wine to drink it now befor it had gotten over the barre to bottle shock. I offered her a couple of alternative and gave her a bottle of '10 LaVelle Pinot Noir, a bottle of '09 Brandborg Gamay, a bottle of '09 Luminous Hills Crawford Beck Pinot Noir and a bottle of '07 Blackberry Wine from Saginaw.
This morning she informed me that her friend had enjoyed all the wines but that she had fallen in love with the Blackberry Wine.
After we delivered a project that I have been working on for some time to Sacred Heart Hospital's Neo-Natal Unit we headed south for a quick visit to the tasting room at Saginaw.
I was quite taken aback when we entered the driveway to the tasting room! My favorite tree, the tree that launched three years of etchings, was GONE!
I was sad and also glad that I had captured the tree in its glory a few years ago. 
We went in and tasted through all the wines Cheryl had open starting with an un-oaked Chardonnay that was delicate and smooth with a very compelling finish. Apples, white pears and a bit of spice make this a wine for sipping on the deck or paired with a light meal. Very tasty!
Next came the Pinot Noir; a soft and semi-sweet wine with soft black fruit, 7 spice, clove and anise lurking on the pallet and with a long pleasant aftertaste of rich spices.
 The stand out wine for me was the Marechal Foch. Soft and light in the nose with long sweet notes in the mouth. This wine is one of the best Foch's I have had in Oregon. Paired with chocolate it peals away layers of tastes and is just exquisitely supple and light in the mouth. I can see this wine with rich cheese and sweet meats.
The Riesling is recommended as is the killer Late Harvest Riesling! Must buy wine for the summer!
Now we come to the Blackberry Wine: I must say the I am NOT a fan of fruit wines as I cut my 16 year old teeth of fruit wines from a not to be named winery in the vicinity of the capital of Oregon and I still feel ill when I think of the first episode... However, this wine is outstanding! The taste  of the blackberries come through but it feels like WINE not juice!. The last taste was of the Port Style Blackberry Wine. At 20% it is so soft and drinkable that I would advise keeping it on a short leash. Treat  it like a special reward for a great meal. As with other good Ports, this will last so savor it over time.
I plan on making cards from the etching I did for my show at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum a few years  ago and having them for sale at the tasting room. 
Stop by on your way up or down  I-5 and enjoy a breath of good country air, a sip of great wine, and a smile from Cheryl.

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