Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wine Events Not to be Missed!

Newport has a myriad of reasons you should visit and spend some time in awe of our amazing coastline, but one BIG reason to visit in February is The Newport Seafood and Wine Festival. 
There are adventures for everyone from the all out wine snob to the beginner who has yet to discern the difference between Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc.
Always a great time but KNOW your preferences as to crowd type: Friday evening is a bit wild with lots of first timers and broken glasses, Saturday during the day is VERY busy and you will met people from all over the USA, Saturday night is a little older but still loud and crowded. Sunday, my favorite, has calmed and the real wine tasting happens, plus there is time ti chat a bit with some of the best wine people on the planet.
Book your hotel room NOW and if you have open table, book a table at Zach's. If not, there are a lot of really tasty spots to store up some energy for the fest.

 This one is not to be missed! A chance to taste what ELSE Oregon has to offer besides Pinot 
(noir, Gris, blanc, noir blanc)
Some great wines are poured here that we really need to celebrate and encourage.
         A truly exciting and educational event not to be missed!
The World of Wine event in Jacksonville takes place in August. I must admit, between the heat and often, the forest fires, Southern Oregon is NOT my favorite place in the heat of Summer. That being said, brave the heat and smoke and go taste the wines. There are so many varietals in Southern Oregon and so  may amazing wineries that coax the very best from the grapes. You will taste wines here you may not even know grow in Oregon.
 Click here to see a current list of wine grapes grown in Oregon and and see if you can guess where they are grown.
Example : Dolceta, Umpqua and Southern Oregon AVAS

Have a great year and look for more wine events in your state!

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