Friday, January 17, 2014

Know Your Oregon Grapes: Dolcetto

Dolcetto: A well known grape variety widely grown in Italy's Piedmont region. While the name translates to 'little sweet one', it is nearly always dry wine. Dolcetto is usually made into fast maturing, fruity and robust dark red wine with faintly bitter flavor. It tends to have a dark, rich color with a fruity nose - usually blackberry and blueberry. Sweet rust red wine that needs lots of time before release. Most wineries hold them back for 2 to 3 years before letting them be sold.
Among the Vineyards that grow Dolcetto are Delfino, Ponzi , Remy, Stag Hollow, Zerba, and Abacela.
I am still researching who else grows this grape here in Oregon.
Thanks to Oregon for the great source.

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  1. Melrose also has a Dolcetto -- quite nice!


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