Monday, December 17, 2012

An Open Bottle: Abbelone '09 Pinot Noir

Today, after the tilers left, after I took Linda to the airport, and after I fed the cats, I went in to the cellar and poked around, looking for something I had not had very much time with.
I chose a bottle of 2009 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir by Abbelone Wine, partly due to the label done by Jane West, who I used to show at my Portland Gallery years ago.
First Open: High notes of eucaliptus, cedar, and cool black fruit in the nose. Nice mouthfeel with black fruit and a little hard candy.
10 Minutes: Cedar and black caps with blueberry notes in the nose.  A little warm strawberry and blackberry with some notes of mint and earth.
30 Minutes: Ok, now we are open! Complex coffee, big black fruit, cedar in the top notes, and just a hint of Asian spice. The mouth-feel has become soft and delightful. Hints of jammy strawberry, a bit of Blueberry dancing around with cooked strawberry jam. Warm and inviting with a pleasant finish. . It is delicate and would not do well with spicy food.The acid balance lends itself to Salmon and lightly cooked veggies.
Here are the notes I did last year when we did a tasting at Travel Lane County's Adventure Center.
Very lovely wine.
You may find out more from South Willamette Wineries.

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