Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Territorial Comes Through!

From Territorial Vineyards and Winery's notes about the '06 Capital "T" Reserve Pinot Noir:
This Silky Pinot is so smooth it's like ice skating behind the Zamboni. It starts with room-filling aromas of dark and red fruit, vanilla and toast, followed by multiple layers of mouthwatering fruit, berry and spice notes. Like its little brother Stone's Throw, Capital T is not produced every year. Its last sighting was from the 2003 vintage.
This is close to the last bottle though I must admit, this is like an addiction: "Just one more, I swear I'll stop, but just one more, please?"
Kind of silly but when you have driven x thousand miles and collected so much wine from so many wonderful people, you do miss it.
Looks like I may have to start again soon for next years auction!

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