Thursday, April 8, 2010

OK, Last Trip

This morning after a pleasant drive past Fern Ridge reservoir to LaVelle Vineyards I got to taste one of the most promising wines yet for the '08 vintage. Mathew LaVelle let me sample his '08 Reserve Pinot Noir($40) and I am impressed. This is realy his first attempt at making the wine himself and he picked a good year to start.
The wine was of course not ready to drink as it has only been in the bottle for a short time but it has so much character already that I can only imagine what it will be like in 2 or three years.Mostly made with 777 and Pommard with a little estate grown 115, it has great combination of dark aromas and delicate flavors.
The nose right now is filled with chocolate, earth, and warm fruit. Very aromatic and lush. The taste goes quickly from a tart cherry to a sweet berry. Delicate and long lasting with hints of sweet strawberry on the back of the tognue. The finish satys with you for a very long time and each sip brings up a new layer of flavors and complexity.
This wine has that rare quality of strength and delicacy and is, as Mathew put it, " much going on yet still is very feminine"
After leaving LaVelle I made a quick trip around the corner to see Buzz at Domaine Meriwether and pick up his wonderful donation of a magnum of '99 Captain Clark Vintage Cuvee'($75).
His new building is coming along fast and the epoxy is on the floor of the winery. As soon as that is all done they start on the front, which will be a large and modern tasting room with office space and storage. It has been designed by a friend who also does some architectural work in Las Vegas.
I can't wait to see waht it looks like when finished.
Wee, That about does it for the year. I have driven more miles and visited more wineries than I ever could have imagined.
Starting soon I will be doing more in depth interviews and will be filming some of the winemakers as the year progresses.
Hope you enjoyed this year as much as I did!

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