Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Long and Winding Road

The last few months have given me a perspective on Oregon wines that I could never have achieved in any other way. From the difference in soil types, the slope, the micro climates, and the winemakers to the tasting rooms, the customers, and of course, the wines, there is such a huge amount of complexity, difference, and wonder one realy can't know it all, but its fun to try!
For the rest of this year I will be doing video interviews and more tastings leading up to next years auction.
For now, I have a couple of trips planed before Friday: One to oick up the Sake "G" up in Forest Grove, and one to haul 20+cases of wine.
Today I drove out to Sweet Checks and picked up a bottle of the '08 Reserve Pinot Noir as thier donation. The wine is very promising and needs to stay down for at least 3 years before it hits its stride. Lush, complex, and bold with that "just wait" feel to it. They also donated a barrel tasting for 8 that will go in to a package with two other wineries and a limo ride. Here Sasha, Jake, and Jen show off the wine and certificate.
I delivered a painting "Andy and Marylin Go for a Ride" by Barry Geller to replace the one that just sold , Fiddlers on the Roof" I have always thought that a good place for high art is a well appointed tasting room. It is the perfect formula for art enjoyment: Good wine, good people, and the relaxed feeling of informality and pleasure.It seems to work as we have sold many paintings there by both Anne Teigen, and Barry Geller.

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