Wednesday, April 7, 2010

14 Cases, 7 Magnums, and a Very Careful Drive

This morning I set out to pick up the rest of the wine from the Abbey and get a bottle of Amity Vineyards '06 Winemakers Reserve Pinot Noir. Both tasks were successful.
When I arrived at the Abbey I started packing in the cases, three in the front, 6in the back seat, and 5 in the back. The ride was very solid and I was a nervous wreck worrying about having something happen.
I stopped for lunch at Farm to Fork and spoke to Kendal about having them do an auction Item for next year. Her husband Paul gave us a bottle a few weeks ago of his wonderful wine, De Lancellotti Pinot Noir.
I had the Duck Confit salad and a glass of Maysara '08. It was perfect match. The tartness of the Rose' with its overtones of cherries and rhubarb worked perfectly with the blue cheese, figs, and dressed greens, and enhanced the flavor of the crisp duck. Wonderful!
I went carefully south and stopped at Amity Vineyards for a bottle to complete the founders case, wines with a long history, in this case 1971! I selected a bottle of the Winemakers Reserve '06 Pinot Noir($50), what they donated last year, and by pure luck, I bought the case it was in!
Jill let me taste all the Pinot Noirs they had out and I really enjoyed them, especially the '07 Crannell Single Vineyard, Pinot Noir: Earthy, big fruit, tobacco, pepper, and spice on the nose and a soft warm mouthfeel that has lots of subtle blackberry and spice. Long after with tangy citrus and berry.
And of course the devastatingly good '06 Winemaker's Reserve: Lighter than some of the '06 Pinot Noirs but with a cool steady raspberry and earth nose and a warm, mouth-filling berry, vanilla, coco, and black cherry pallet. Love it!
Now I am home and have to sort wine...
In the morning I am going out to pick up a bottle of wine that LaVelle has for me and  for a magnum of Merriweather's '99 Cuvee'!

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