Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Very FINE Wine

One of Oregon's best winemakers is still selling her '07 and '10 1789 Pinot noir. This wine is so amazingly good that I am very surprised there is any left but she is a one person operation and has no time for advertizing and PR.
Her own words: I have been a French woman winemaker for 28 years.
After studying winemaking for 5 years at the University of Bourgogne, France, I then worked for 12 years at Joseph Drouhin in Beaune Burgundy France.
In 1993 I started making wine in Oregon and commuted back and forth many times per year between Oregon and France.
I am currently the winemaker for De Ponte Cellars in the Dundee Hills, Oregon and have been since their first vintage in 2001.

1789 is my first label and 2007 the first release.
The name comes from the French Revolution.
The wine is the symbol of my personal revolution:
the move of my family from the South of France to the Oregon Wine Country.

I am really proud of this new child
and hope you will enjoy the wine as much as I enjoyed making it.
Isabelle Dutartre 


Do yourself a huge favor and go to her site, read about the wines, and order at least one of the '07 Pinot noir. You will thank me. Click here for her site.

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