Monday, July 28, 2014

IPNC Does it Again!

It was a very pleasant day at IPNC. Got to see lots of friends from the wine industry, Bethany Ford and Lowell Ford from Illahe Vineyards, Maria Czamanske Stuart of R. Stuart & Co. Winery and Wine Bar, Melissa Burr of Stoller Family Estate, Scott Wright of Scott Paul, Carol Girard of Benton-Lane Winery Sue and Terry Brandborg of Brandborg Winery and many many more. The tasting was again eye opening, proving what I have known from years of watching and tasting the wines of Oregon as they developed a very specific character of their own, laughingly referred to as Oregundian...The California wines, with the exception of couple of the higher elevation north coast wines, were all one note wines, blessed by the sun with bright fruit and little else. The German (Weingut Dr. Heger, Villa Wolf ), Argentine (Bodega Chacra), and Italian (J. Hofstatter) wines, while all VERY different, were a good measure of how this wonderful grape can play in all kind of fields and still win. So many great wines! I wish there were a way to decant prior to the tastings as I know that after a few more minutes in the air, given time to awake, these wine would put smiles on many more faces. All the food was wonderful and I was pleased to see the people from RYE there with cold soup and hand made chocolate treats. RYE is next to the Gallery at the Watershed where I am curator.
If you love Pinot Noir or just want to know more about it, IPNC is the place to go.

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