Thursday, October 25, 2012

Revisiting Old Wines

Tonight I felt adventurous and wanted to treat my wife to a great meal. I went to the store and picked up  a  nice large Portobello mushroom cap, some heirloom tomatoes and a chunk of hand pulled Mozzarella, then came home and turned on the grill at low. I dressed the shroom with Red Ridge Farms Koroneiki Olive and fig balsamic and sprinkled some red pepper flakes on for good measure, the took the last two egg plants we grew and sliced them to 1/2 inch and drizzled them in olive oil, lightly salted them, and put on some while pepper. I took one of the heirloom tomatoes and cut it in 1/4 inch slices and sat it in some oil then took the whole lot out to the grill snd put it on the raised part behind the burners I had on.
My steak was marinating in olive oil and fig balsamic so I took it out of the warming oven and sat it on the front burner of the grill. Now I set the timer for ten minutes and opened a bottle of Ghost Hill '08, our second to last, and poured it in to two Oregon Pinot Noir glasses. I then sliced up the heirlooms and mozzarella and tore up some fresh basil from the herb garden and dressed our salads with a little oil and balsamic.
Nice meal with little fuss. Everything was done just right and the wine was great.
Oregon '08's have a kind of weakness that shows up in "big" wines. They drink great for the first couple of years then diminish rapidly, but the Ghost Hill held on to the rich complexity and intense pallet it had while mellowing. Great choice for the meal.

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