Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blue Dog Mead

Well, I have been sipping some very good Sarah with dinner, Cowhorn's '07. Pruney and lush with a great balanced feel. Soft and unique. Great by its self and with strong BBQ tastes.
Now, the game (Oregon vs some team in Arizona) is on so I need some local libation. I pulled a bottle out of the chiller and saw a Blue Dog staring back at me. I pulled the cork and am smelling cream sherry, apples, saffron, and hints of poppy.
After it calms down a bit I will give it a taste. Oregon is up three TDs so no hurry.
Starting to warm up a bit and the nose is getting bigger and sweeter, more over ripe apple and mung beans that have aged (slight cinnamon and nutmeg small). Now darkening as it warms so time for a taste: Oh my! Dry and sweet all at once. Nice tartness on the finish that makes the second sip a must. The taste stays on the top of the tongue and there is very little side mouth taste. Soft and smooth. And it looks beautiful. Amber and clean. Ripe Bartlet pear and a perfect finnish. Most of the European meads and other American Meads I have had finnish with a harsh back of the mouth feel but there is none here. Very happy with this. Glad I have more.
They are here in Eugene and I am sure they would love to have you come and sample on your own.

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