Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Couple of Coastal Catches

Looking south from Otter Crest
This morning we left Eugene heading for the coast a little later than we had wanted so we stopped at somewhere I had been meaning to visit for some time. Our Daily Bread is a member of Travel Lane County and I have been hearing about how great the food is, how big the wine list is, and how nice the owners and staff are. Today we found out for ourselves. The place is a converted church and is kind of quirky in a good way. It feels very relaxed and from the conversations I heard between the staff and what I assumed to be steady client, very jovial. The food was perfect and just the right amount. I had fish and slaw. The fish was fresh and hand dipped, then deep fried. It was not at all greasy and was perfectly done. Linda had a Thia wrap and had problems finishing the entire thing, but she powered through because it was so good, and it was healthy. I skipped the wine but looked at the impressive list of local wines, many of which were new to me, and that is indeed a feat! We shall return!
Next stop was at  Domaine Meriwether for a taste and a visit. We have a good stock of the sparklers but had not yet tasted the '06 Pinot Noir. Well rounded, smooth and with a lush mouth feel, it is an impressive wine. I like that they hold wines back for release as it gives them time to build a bit in bottle. I plan on going back and doing some more serious notes.
We drove up the coast to Newport and a bite and a taste of the beers at Rogue. Linda has never been a big beer fan but some of the ones she tasted today turned her head a bit. She really liked the Good Chit Ale while I like the Brutal IPA. Ask for a four glass taste next time you are in.
Dan with his '09 Pinot Noir

After a visit to Earthworks Gallery and the Newport Aquarium (MUST see the shark tanks you can walk through!!!) we Stopped for a taste at Flying Dutchman Winery at Otter Crest. Yes, they make wine on the coast, and these guys make it right there next to the ocean! Be warned, Dan (holding the bottle) can sell Eskimos to icewater so expect to by at least one bottle of their fine wines. I picked up a bottle of the Conductor's Reserve, a blend of cab, merlot, and other grapes. A percentage of the money goes to support the Newport Symphony I love visiting them for a glass and a stroll out the back to the deck where you overlook the Inn at Otter Crest and the beautiful Pacific. We got to meet some visitors who were having lunch out on the cliff: Three Cedar Waxwings were going after the abundance of berries on the Salal bushes.
We arrived at our final stop of the day in Depoe Bay. I sometimes take advantage of social media offers and this one has proved worth trying. We are staying at a little B and B called the Harbor Lights Inn that overlooks the worlds smallest navigable harbor. It is just perfect! Very nice folks and quiet, save for the gulls, but that IS the coast. Bob, the owner, directed us to The Tidal Raves restaurant saying that it is one of the best on the coast. He was right! We were greeted by the hostess and told there would be a twenty minute wait (something we are not used to) but that she would bring us our wine while we waited. I ordered  a bottle of Four Graces 2010 Pinot Noir and was very pleased. She brought us our wine on a serving tray with much flurry, and as Linda said, we were treated like royalty. The wine is soft and forgiving with a lush notes of cane berry and spice. The taste was perfect with both my Crab Louis, the Seared Sea Scallops on potato hash studded with sun dried tomato, bacon. and smoked tomato glaze, for Linda's Goat Cheese with a walnut crusted tart and for the grilled eggplant with marinara. All the food was fresh and local, was beautifully prepared and plated, and was pro. Everything was amazingly good and the wine was the topper. The decor is modern and novel while paying homage to the local. The menu is very heavily weighted to seafood, well duh!, but it has a nice warm spot for vegetarians like Linda. We will be sure to make the trip back for both the food and for the B&B.
We hada quiet night with the distant sound of the ocean and this morning Iwas awoken with the sounds of the gulls and the fishermen getting boats ready. Very relaxing and charming. When you come, bring a bathrobe or dressing gown.
We just met a nice couple involved with, Go take a look! Very cool.
Other notes: The water presure is perfect! The view is wonderful and you get to watch the boats come and go.
In the morning we drive to Astoria and then to Portland for JAW Fest.

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