Tuesday, July 24, 2012

IPNC Coming This Weekend!

I am taking my lovely wife on an adventure up the coast of Oregon, then over to Portland for a weekend of theater, then an afternoon of wine tasting at the IPNC event and a stay at Allison Spa, with dinner at Jory. A full four days with lots of great wines and food.
We are staying at a small hotel in Depoe Bay called Harbor Lights Inn, overlooking the smallest harbor you have ever seen:
The World’s Smallest Harbor

world's smallest harbor
Depoe Bay is the world’s smallest natural navigable harbor, currently covering approximately six acres, with a 50-foot wide, 100-foot long rockbound, dog-legged channel connecting to the Pacific Ocean. There are two freshwater creeks that flow into the harbor; North Depoe Creek enters at the northeasterly corner, and South Depoe Creek enters at the southeasterly corner. These creeks are very different in character. North Depoe Creek is rocky-bottomed and fairly fast flowing, while South Depoe Creek is sandy-bottomed and slow moving. Originally, the inner bay was shallow with a beach area on the east side surrounded by a cedar forest. Boats would simply anchor in the bay, afloat during high tide and resting on the bottom during low tide.

We plan on visiting Astoria for lunch, then heading east to Portland for the JAW Fest at PCS and a stay at the Westin.
The JAW festival allows for new works to be read before an audience and critiqued on the spot after the reading. Lots of plays have come out of the readings to be performed at theaters in Portland. It is a great way to see new works and meet the playwrights.
On Sunday we will check in to Allison Spa and head out for a day of wine tasting at IPNC's walkabout in the park. We are very excited this year as one of our best friends, Rebecca Pittock Shouldis, the wine savant at Ghost Hill, will be presenting. Her 2011 Pinot Noir Blanc is headed for fame and fortune and will be featured as an editors choice in an upcoming issue of a prominent wine mag! This is one of the most remarkable wines I have tasted here in Oregon.
We are having dinner  with our wonderful friends Rebecca and Thibaud Mandet, the star winemaker at WillaKenzie Winery, at Jory, and both have promised to bring a wine. Thibaud may bring a bottle of his 2009WillaKenzie Estate Pinot Noir Aliette that just  received BEST PINOT NOIR FROM THE UNITED STATES in the recent Decanter World Wine Awards! The2009 Aliette scored a Gold Medal, then went on to compete for BEST IN SHOW Pinot Noir from the U.S., and won!  Should be a fun evening!
After a day of spa treatment I will put Linda on the plane for San Jose' and return home to get back to work on my prints for SALUD!

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