Sunday, July 22, 2012

Impromtu Wine Class

Had a great day day! Stopped at Market of Choice and got to give an impromptu wine class to a couple of women up visiting from Grass Pants. Had them try the Spangler Chardonnay, a tasty Chard from the Umqua Valley with a totally unoaked taste. It opens with citrus, lime and sandalwood, followed by a mouth-feel and flavor of green apple, lemon and a bit of snap pea. Perfect for a hot summer day! Also recommended Drew's 2010 Harper Voit Surlie Willamette Valley Pinot Blanc is Drew Voit’s present to all wine lovers after the long winter. The Surlie name refers to the wine being aged "sur lie" which means “on the lees” ( the dead yeast cells), imparting a very enjoyable creaminess on the palate. Neutral oak barrels were used for fermentation. The wine is crisp and light, yet creamy and mouth filling .Creme fresh, lemon curd, Greek Yogurt, tonic water and bright limon.
I hope they enjoyed the wines.

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