Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oregon Wines in Kegs in Washington

The good folks at Wooldridge Creek  and others are making huge strides in educating bar owners on the value of tap wine. I checked in to the Heathman Lodge up in Vancouver WA. last night and went next door to the club room for a snack before turning in only to find two fine wines ON TAP!
Wooldridge's very good Pinot Noir (I did not think to check the year but from the taste I would guess '08) and Boedecker's Pinot Gris, again I have no year but from the taste I would say '10.
What a joy! The woman serving was very engaging and fully vested in the idea of wine in a keg.
She said men would come up and point to the tap and say "I'll have a beer." and she would have to explain that beer comes in a bottle,  wine comes in a keg.
She went on about how much it saved them in wasted wine, bottle disposal, and how well the argon system keeps the wine perfectly drinkable.
I was so pleased to see this. Here is a link back to a post I did a couple of years ago.
They also have kegged wine at Sfizio in Eugene and many other locations around the Northwest. Ask you favorite restaurant  about their house wine and see if they have figured out how to save money and the environment and still serve excellent wines.

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