Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cherry Hill Surprise!!!

On the way home tonight I stopped at Grocery Outlet on River Road in Eugene to check out what cool stuff they had hiding in the isles. I found an Australian Olive Oil, some really good salami, and an '07 Cherry Hill Papillon!!! This wine is just sooo good! Dark cherry nose with notes of anise, straw, and must, and a taste of ripe berry, black fruit, and clean acids that pair really well with red meats. I opened a bottle with a roast beast, odvacodo, and onion combo and it held up wonderfully!
And the killer! They are selling it for $4.95!!!
Those bastards who underrated the '07's should burn in heck. But those of us who bought all the '07 we could get our hands on know the truth!
Run, do not walk, to you Grocery Outlet and SCORE!

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