Friday, July 8, 2011

Sarver Rose' : Four Stars!

We had a bottle of Sarver Vineyards Rose tonight after dinner as we sat out on the deck in the cool evening breeze. This wine is a bit more ruby than most rose'; and has a good substantial mouthfeel.
I was struck by how rich the nose is on this one, Grapefruit, white peach, ripe strawberry, and Kiwi fruit in the nose, and it is one of those wines you just like to smell.

Off subject here: Ken Wright has an event every year in support of Holt International and we have bought tickets to it at the big Portland auction for the last few years, This year Ken was pouring some very nice wines, as usual, and while the music was playing he poured me a glass of his 'o9 Monks Gate. I sat on the end chair during the song and smelled, swirled, and smelled. Glorious! Complex layers of aromas unfolding as the wine opened. I sat there during the entire song and swirled, sniffed, and smiled. When the song was over, Ken walked over and said "You know you can taste it!"

Anyway, back to the Rose'. This is a wine that will stand up to just about any food short of a well spiced roast or some of the hotter foods but I think it is just the perfect Summer sipper. This one gets my vote and four stars!

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