Thursday, July 28, 2011

Carlton for Lunch

Tuesday I took a much needed break from etchings so I  scheduled  a lunch with my good friend Kelley Fox at The Filling Station. Kelley is the winemaker for Scott Paul but her real fame comes from her own wines. She is one of a growing coterie of women winemakers here in Oregon.
Last year we managed to put together a case of Pinot Noir with all the wines made by women here in Oregon and sold it for a good chunk of change at the OMP auction.
I am on a reduced gluten diet and was more than pleased to find the they bake their own breads and make a gluten free loaf made with Bob's Red Mill ingredients. The Ruben was great!
After she went back to work I walked over to Republic of Jam and stocked up on treats. The Strawberry Basil, the Apple Tarragon  Mustard, and the Marionberry Sage all went home with me.
Next door at Horseradish I had a nice glass of the Toluca Lane '09 Pinot Noir. This is an outstanding wine and for $34 it is a steal! I paired it with a chocolate caramel with sea salt from Honest Chocolates next door.

Next stop was a taste over at WildAire Winery and visit with Matt, the owner and winemaker. I settled on a bottle of his '09 Clay Court Vineyard Pinot Noir. This wine is made from grapes grown only in Jory soil and has a soft, lush mouthfeel and a ripe pie cherry, spices, and French Vanilla. Love it!
I drove out to Adelsheim and ArborBrook to look for ideas for the etchings and found a couple of great shots to start from.
I plan on doing ten etchings from ten of the Salud! wineries each year till I have them all. These will go to the Salud! Auction for sale.

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  1. Sounds like a great time. Carlton is an amazing town, we love tasting our wines there. You stopped at many of my faves!


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