Friday, July 22, 2011

General News of Late: Day Trip

Not much to report save a bus trip with the famous Bob Sogge, wine expert and teacher. We took an LTD bus that was donated to Oregon Mozart Players on a 5+ hour tour of Benton Lane, Pfeiffer, and LaVelle wineries.
This was a good chance for novice wine lovers to learn wine from the ground up. Steve, at Benton Lane, took us up in to the vineyards and gave us a detailed explanation of soils, varietals, removing leaves, dropping fruit, and everything else about how to bring in a great crop. He even told about his methods of selecting the best practices from all the different growing methods such as organic, sustainable, bio-dynamic, etc. and putting them to use. His methods seem to work as he just got voted on of Wine and Food magazines top 20 Pinot Noirs of the world. of the world.
We tasted the wines starting with a very good Pinot Gris, then moved to one of  the best Pinot Blanc I have had all year.
His First Class Pinot Noir is exactly that! If you have to sell something to afford a bottle, do it! Absolutely lush and warm and soft in the mouth with all the lovely layers of berry, fig, leather, and earth you can imagine on the nose. The tastes range from raspberry, plum, and figs to leather and spice. It livens up with each sip and if you take the time to let it settle under your tongue, it is like a delightful celibration of fruit and spice that you will want to repeat often.
Next stop on the trip was Pfeiffer Vineyards, home of the famous Blue Dot Pinot Noir.
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