Monday, May 30, 2011

My Birthday!

We left the house early and made our way to our favorite little garden secret, Egan's Nursury just off the freeway near Brooks exit. We discovered it a few years ago thinking it was a little roadside stand. Wow! Were we wrong. It is a long way out of town and they do supply quite a few local nurseries, (and we DO shop here at home mostly) but their selection of annuals is out of this world.
We then walked through the Schreiner's  Iris gardens, the ones you see from the freeway. Stunning!
We went to Siverton for a snack and found Pudding River doing tastes at their tasting room down town so we stopped for a quick sample.
I surprised myself when I told the host where the grapes for the '09 Syrah were from. She accused me of cheating, but really, there are few choices, so I picked Seven Hills and was right! This is a rather soft a subtle Syrah with nice notes of dark berry and bits of chocolate but no soil and smake, almost like a cool climate Syrah. Very good, and not much left.
I also liked the '08 Pinot reserve. Rich and round with no bad notes and it is not the big bomb of fruit so many are. Worth trying!
Off to a stop I had not made before, Silver Falls Vineyards. A few years ago I was a bit put off by a guy selling this wine in Salem and have not bothered to visit or to try their wines since. My mistake. They were rich, interesting, very flavorful, and worth a long visit.
I was struck by the Port made from Marachel Fouch. It smelled of fresh Gingerbread! Really smooth taste and a soft pleasent finish.
We took home one of the Pinot Gris from the 35 year old vineyard. Very good with lots of minerals and a fresh hybiscus nose.
I would have been there much longer exploring but I have learned to temper my enthusiasm while I have my wife with me, that is why I still have my wife with me;)

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