Friday, May 13, 2011

Day Three, All Wright

Today, after driving home last night to some much needed time with the cats and my bed, Linda and I got up early and drove to Port;and for the annual Ceramics Showcase at the Convention Center. Great show this year, and though we only bought a couple of small works, we took lots of cards and have our eyes on a few prize pieces.
We then journied back to Carlton for the annual Ken Wright hosted Holt International party at his winery.
Every year Ken supports Holt at their huge auction in Portland and offerd a very nice afternoon to those who want to join in.
This year was filled with music and wine, great foods, and my favorite part, Ken's lecture on wine. He speaks of soil, minerals, microbes, and all the complexities of growing grapes. Well worth the money and the drive. I learn more every time I hear him talk.
While there I ask if he would be willing to part with a bottle of '08 Ken Wright Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir. This wine is sold out and you will not find any except at our auction. He said yes, so that makes 5 Shea Vineyard bottles we have so far and I am trying to get one from Broadly Winery. That will be a very nice auction package.

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