Monday, February 21, 2011

Lunch at Sabai Before the Wine Symposium

Today was the first day of the Wine Symposium held annually at the Eugene Hilton so I joined my friend Rebecca for lunch at our newest Thai restaurant, Sabai. A few weeks ago I dropped off a bottle of  '08 Ghost Hill Pinot Noir for them to sample as a favor and it has taken off for them. Rebecca, along with her other joys, makes the wines for Ghost Hill cellars so she was well pleased at the enthusiasm. I got to spend lunch with two intriguing and lovely women, Katie Kamilos and Rebecca , who are here representing Northwest Wines To You and the Trappist Abbey. They were impressed by the restaurant and even though they have a good wine list and an impressive bar, we ended up drinking a beer.
On the way down to the Hilton I dropped off a few bottles of Ghost Hill at the restaurant and my timing was perfect. The table that had just ordered wanted what I had so the waitress grabbed it out of my wine carrier and took to the table before I had had a chance to sit down!
Tonight, after registering, getting the booklet, and schedule I joined the group and  we all headed over to The Electric Station for food and drinks. Big day tomorrow for all the wine folk. I am holding off for the reception Tuesday afternoon
Hult Lobby Reception

Celebrate the successes of the Oregon wine industry and Symposium, sip on local wines from colleagues and enjoy live music from Alan Bakalinsky and his jazz trio.
and the Red tasting Wednesday.

All About Filtration (w/tasting)
See all Enology Sessions
To filter or not to filter is a question winemakers often face. But after making this decision you are still left with the question of what filter is appropriate to use and when? And what about all the “stuff” that gets left behind on the filter? Does it matter? Join us in this session as we discuss why you might filter, which filters to use and when, as well as current knowledge regarding the impact of filtration on wine quality.
Moderator: James Osborne, Oregon State University
Speakers: Ken Fugelsang, Fresno State; Rodger Pachelbel, Gusmer Enterprises

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