Tuesday, November 24, 2009

EdenVale, RoxyAnne, and Agate Ridge

This trip, on a Monday, was on kind of an odd schedule as my intention was to deliver some prints to a former gallery owner in Ashland and have her ship them, along with the ones she had, back to my friend and teacher Dan Weldon. She did not realize they were framed, so I drove all the way to Talent and back with four framed prints. I was NOT in a good mood and almost just bagged it and headed north.
I was at EdenVale Winery when I got the news. They were so kind and helpful.
Here is Misty, the tasting room manager, with the bottle they gave.
I ask Anne Root, who I had met at the Newport Wine and Seafood Festival, if she would donate one of her wines and she gave a bottle of a very good, very drinkable 2004 Heritage Red. I tasted a number of their wines and liked them all, especially the 2005 Pinot Noir! Lots of earth and dark fruit with just a hint of leather and smoke. Really a good wine.By the time I left I had lost my bad mood and went happily on my way to visit Roxy Anne.
I was greeted at RoxyAnne by Tiffany (holding the Pinot Gris) and after tasting their wines and buying some fresh bread , cheese, and a glass of the Claret, I met with Michael Donovan, the managing director, who presented me with a bottle of 2007 Pinot Gris. What a great white, a brilliant straw-colored wine with big, bold aromas of ripe pears, peach and grapefruit with accents of  mango and honeysuckle, creamy on the palate,with nice acid, mineral and citrus aftertaste. It was the

GOLD MEDAL WINNER, BEST OF SHOW WHITES 2008 World of Wine Competition.
I always enjoy visiting RoxyAnne. The staff is well versed in all things wine and are always glad to see you. The selection of foods and wines is perfect. 

Dinner and a place to stay

38 Central has become my go to stop for food in Medford. I am sure that there are other restaurants the create wonderful food but right now I am very happy they are there. David Graham, owner and chef, shown here recommending that I contact Pebblestone Winery for a donation of "one bottle", was overseeing a great crowd, especially for a Monday night, but took time to come and visit. I started with a Lafayette (gin shaken with a mint leaf then poured into a chilled martini glass washed with  Grand Marnier) and then had an off menu herb rubbed chicken with perfectly cooked carrots, and greens. Perfect with a bottle of the Pebblestone 2006 Cabernet Franc.
Red Lion is close (two blocks away), clean, and has a good free breakfast. They also have a safe parking lot and a nice, 1970's kind of lounge that is campy enough to be entertaining.

The morning found me driving out Crater Lake Highway to visit Agate Ridge Winery. I tasted the whites and reds and was very pleased. My favorites were the rich Cabernet that has lots of tannins and a rich deep well of flavors that will grow and mature with time. The other was the Viongnier, a gentle fruity, perfectly made wine.  Kim Kinderman , the owner, handed over a great bottle of 2006 Syrah and introduced me to Black Jack, the resident cat. He really wanted to come home with me but we have enough cats already. Then I met the chicken! Every winery I have been to has a dog, or a cat, but they have a chicken that comes when called and likes to be petted. As I left I took a picture of Mt.McLaughlin.
Lunch at 38 Central and a list of wineries to approach next time I am down there. Can't wait till next time.

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