Friday, August 15, 2014

A La Main Wines Released

Update! The wines are now in Eugene: Sundance has both, Market of Choice on Willamette has the Syrah in the Various Reds section on the right side of the far left isle, Oregon Electric Station has the Viognier, and Market of Choice Delta Oaks is having a Friday tasting of Keeler Pinot Gris and Chardonnay on Friday followed by a tasting led by Rebecca Pittock Shouldis of the A La Main and Gypsy Dancer on Saturday.
"A La Main", the new label from Rebecca Pittock Shouldis, has made it to the shelves. In Eugene it is in stock at Sundance and Route5 and will be at Market of Choice Delta Oaks next week.I made the label image by taking a photo of her kid's hands with the Syrah being poured through them in to the barrel, the made an etching. The label was made by CCL Label.
The wines are a cool climate Syrah from '10 and an Applegate Valley Viognier from '11. Both are just spectacular!

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