Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tasting Xylem Wines 2012 Rose'

I have in front of me a bottle of 2012 Rose, made by my friend Jason D. Brumley  and his partner Forrest Schaad. I met Jason during my wine gathering in 2008 when I showed up at Cana's Feast to beg one bottle and we have stayed in touch ever since.
The Barrel-Aged Rosé is made from a conglomeration of warm climate grapes from eastern Washington. The look is almost like a DrueskallI: orange like the sunset! I smell ripe Kiwi, gooseberry, and lime zest. The taste is soft fruit with melon and citrus stacked atop a great mouth-feel. Long finish of honey and melon.

Lovely wine! Made in a  basement! I recommend it as a companion to fresh salads, fruit, and spiced meats.  Xylem Wines. Here is what they say:

Xylem Wines is a fully functioning, residence-based winery located in McMinnville, Oregon - in the heart of Oregon's wine country. It is the result of two friends sharing a passion for viticulture and winemaking. 

Forrest Schaad began planting Vitis vinifera (wine grape) vines in 2007 on his family's farm on Rex Hill in the Chehalem Mountains AVA. The farm was established by Forrest's grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Schaad, in 1951 and was originally planted with Italian prunes, cherries, a variety of berries, and English walnuts. Doug 'Fish' Schaad, Ben's son, was the first to plant vinifera vines on the property in the mid 1980's.

In 2009, Jason Brumley started assisting Forrest with the planting of vines on the farm. They honed their viticulture and winemaking skills and expanded their knowledge by working professionally in Oregon's wine industry, making home wine, engaging in formal studies, and working continuously on their project at the farm. By Spring 2012, Forrest and Jason had planted over 5,000 vines and some were mature enough to produce fruit for the upcoming 2012 Autumn harvest. 

They had the fruit, but not the capital with which to build a conventional winemaking facility or even enough to lease space at an already established winery. They concluded that the next logical and feasible step to attaining their dream was to build a licensed and bonded winery in the basement of the house that Jason shares with his wife, Cokie Anderson. Summer 2012 saw the basement renovated and approved for commercial production.

2012 will be the inaugural vintage of Xylem Wines, with release to the public in Summer 2013. 
You can contact Jason via Facebook and ask for a bottle of ANY of the fine wines. 
These guys know what they are doing!

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